Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Monday, 2 April 2012

GoGo Gleeeeeeeee Times

Still recovering from Go Go getaway ‘jet lag’ (thanks Nicola for the perfect description), and what a fab weekend it worth feeling tired, yet so content.
This scrap booking weekend retreat was arranged by Scrapagogo and if you are looking for a well organised, professional, yet relaxed crafty retreat, then this is the place to be. Janice, and Lorraine are just amazing. They genuinely care, and so want to make sure you have a perfect time, and they always succeed in making sure that happens. The Hotel is beautiful, the food is yummy, and the classes are just fab. The teachers are just so good at keeping the interest going with their creativity. So huge thanks to Eileen, Sheena, Nicola, Rebekah, and Lisa.....clap, clappity clap!!!  And you always come back home with sooo much, because if you only need an inch of paper for your lay out, they will give you a whole page, and a whole pack of letters, even if you only need generous.
Oh and the on site shop was full of the yummiest yummies. I managed to get 80 sheets of gorgeous papers for £10, 8p per sheet....bargin or what, and loads of ribbons for £6!!!!! Oh and some Pink Paislee London Market which is just adorable, 1 sheet of each to stroke, and 1 sheet to work with!!!!!

Janice, and Lorraine always put raffle tickets on all the challenges, and draw winners. All is so fair. In their own words, “who are we to judge’ delightful. And this time, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, they gave us all a booklet with class instruction for all the classes, so you really didnt feel like you’d missed anything. I have known some retreats to charge extra for these....oh no, not our Janice, and Lorraine. 

The crop room is large, bright, and airy, complete with a sweetie, cake, and hot chocolate table.......dribble!!!!
This was my second visit. I went last March, a complete scrapbooking novice, and enjoyed it so much, I booked for this year. I made some lovely friends, and it was so nice to see them all. I sat next to The Vickster, Vicky Parker in the crop room, and boy did we have a giggle. She is just such a lovely lovely person. I feel so at ease with her. And so generous. I liked some paper from her stash, and she gave it to if you are a crafter, you will know how precious we are about our stash, so I am so thankful to her. 
And I completed my work in every single class. I wasn't so precious about cutting up beautiful paper, like last year, and just felt so much more liberated, and free about my work this time. I have so much more confidence now, and so I really enjoy making. And creating is just so relaxing, almost meditative, because its a whole different part of your brain that you are using. So all else just doesn't matter
So here are the finished lay outs....enjoy

Namaste xxxx

Adore this

Clothy Hills....fab

 Painting on a BW photo....fab idea

These tags were not stamped on.....fab technique from Sheena!!

Torn butterflies and flower ....beautiful...I love tearing

Make your own Washi Tape

Altered canvas bird

My Challenge Layout

My Pwetty twiney flowers....I do like this idea

And here are some pics I took over the weekend

Hotel Entrance

How line looks like its coming out of the chimney

 This huge wall was full of challenges...amazing

 Gorgeous Janice

Busy Cropping!!

Da Vickster and I...I will treasure this as trying to get a pic with Vic is hard work!!!!

Don't ask LOL

Bargin Stash


  1. Wow!! Looks amazing!! All the different layout - great ideas. and the pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Who can forget Belles de jour and the stiff knob. :)

  3. Lol Sue...I had to stay PC xxxx

  4. Great to see you again,fabby LO's, love your photos, hope you had a good night's sleep with no 'haunting' at home.

    1. Isobel fab to see you too, and no hauntings so far xx

  5. Awww, what a lovely post and I love seeing the photo of the two of us (even though i have a double chin)!!! I simply cannot wait to see you again - I must come to Sauf Laaaandan soon! Big squishy hugs xxx
    Oh, and that hole in your tummy needs looking at by a doctor!! LOL! xx

  6. Such a lovely blog Rubina, had I not been there myself, i'd have been so jealous!!! The pictures you took are fantastic! It was lovely to meet you and share a lovely 'Shelf of Memories' class as one of your class buddies. Hope to see you next March x

    1. Hey Debs, fab to meet you too. Yes see you next March xxx

  7. Glad you had a lovely time, it sure was lovely to see you again.
    GoGo Getaway weekends are always great with just one down side, they never last long enough :D

  8. What a great blog post-and I love your photos too!! So glad to have met you!! See you ahain!