Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Ironic Irrigation

On Thursday 10th November, I was lucky enough to be invited to a private viewing of an exhibition called Ironic Irrigation, by K-Guy in Westbourne Grove. I have known K-Guy, and his gorgeous wife Brinda, for about 20 years. We met through Brinda’s wonderful sister Ruma , who I used to go to college with about 25 years. I did want to write before the exhibition finished....well the thought was there!!!
So the event was a huge success. There was a continuous flow of beautiful people, and I had a fab time....apart from.............
I was outside calling work. As I finished the call, I looked over, and saw a man I recognised. So I spoke “I know you from somewhere’. ‘Yes you do Rubina, I’m Brinda’s husband”!!! arghhhhhhh it was K-Guy, but I hadn't seen him for about 15 years....tres embarrassment. A couple sitting next to him said that was probably the line of the night!!!!
K-Guys works stimulates me so much. Each peace makes me think, laugh, dream, and wonder, in seconds, and that kind of artwork really appeals to me. As I'm into art journalling, his use of words, and stencil work, is just stunning. I'm not an art critic, I don't use intellectual words to describe things. I love his work...simples!!!! He is hugely talented. Go on see for yourself

Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Cards

Another day, another blog. OK I cheated yesterday, but I was at the Alchemy of Voice with my darling Stewart Bhai Jaan, and some amazing souls. I had just the most amazing vision whilst meditating, about fairies made from diamonds (yes I even have expensive taste in fairies), that kept changing colour while we were chanting, and then they all turned into little ‘mini me’s’ of all of us in the group.....amazing, and then there were pyramids, and rainbows......I want to live there forever. I may make a film of it one day!!!!!
So back to realiiitaay
On Saturday I started to create Christmas cards, with Martha Stewart punches, so here goes.......and as you can tell, I like simple, and white 

Stay loved, and blessed

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Catch up Time

Ready..get set...go.....heres goes my blast of blogs. I will try and blog every day....pwahahahahahaha!!!!! It has been too long.
Firstly, DH’s party was fab. It was held at the Helix bar in Battersea Thanks to Din, and his amazing Staff for a truly memorable night. Mem was turned onto full volume all night because he had so much attention!!! I had to go around and heal ears!!!! He got wonderful prezzies, and got drunk (really). Thank you to everyone who was there .You made his night amazing. And Mems family just made the dance floor really made the I knew you would. Then it was back to the penthouse, that we had hired for one night at Hotel Rafayel, for more partying. Mem lost his voice the next day...yipeeee...ahem and it took all involved a week to recover....oldies!!!!
On 11th October I was just so lucky to attend a 3 day class with the amazingly talented Dina Wakeley, at Art from the Heart in Harrogate I am an art journalling virgin, so I needed expert advice, and I needed to get over ‘messy finger’ fear!!!. And it as so much fun...ohhh to be a child again, with the free expression, where nothing is wrong, and mess is good. Meeting Dina was just fab. She is just such a beautiful person, and teaches with real love, and grace. And hugely talented. I loved that it all seemed so carefree, but the end results were so pleasing to the eye. And her humour....brilliant.  Jaw ache time with Dina!!!
It was so great to meet Dyan Reavely. Now I adore people like her. She is so ‘straight down the line’, what-you-see-is-what-you-get. She says what she means, and means what she says. I used to find people who ‘just say things’ very hard to deal with, and now I have a good radar for it now. They only need to do it once, and I know...”oh I’ll get you this, and oh you can come here with me”. Noooooo I’d rather you didn't say anything, but then I wonder if those kind of people do it to feel needed. Anyway I digress. Dyan’s art is just stunning. I love her style. And self art college....amazing. And she believes in Angels like me, so that was a very pleasant conversation
And the all know how I love my can clearly see the evidence because I carry it around with me!! No curly, egg sandwiches. No, proper hot food, stews, and pasta, and pudding...yes with custard...sluupperella time. 

So we created, and laughed (so much), and ate choccies. It was such a great time to enjoy, and relax. So nice to be free, and joyous
Dyan and Dina you both rock xxxxx

Gizz's new place of rest........

Anyway I have to get ready for Monday blog, and finished of some Crimbo cards
Stay Blessed and Loved xxxx

Friday, 25 November 2011

no blog for nearly 6 weeks!!!!

My blogging for nearly 6 weeks. 

October, and November has been just crazy months, so much has gone on.

I will make it up by blogging at least once a day. I am planning on creating some Christmas cards, so get ready for my blog overload

Much Love xx