Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Oui Chef!!

Oui Chef

Just one of the lines which made me laugh soooo much in my time in France. 
I was invited by my darling friend, and soul brother Reza, to his gorgeous home in Condeon, which he shares with his dear friend Warwick. Reza has a cookery school there, doing one day workshops The house has the most beautiful views of sunflowers fields, and was so so quiet. And the sky at sooo many stars, like all the the stars in the Universe were all congregated in only that part!!. And I photographed an ArchAngel Gabriel Orb too, in a very magical part of their land. I had also been asked to energetically cleared the space for them, with sage, and my tibetan bowl. That was very powerful. I think I surprised them, and myself with what I picked up about a previous resident!!!

And, of course I had the most wonderful time. So so many laughs. And being able to sit in a huge kitchen, while Rez prepped for his classes, and cooked. He really is a true alchemist. His food is just divine. He really knows about flavours, and ingredients, and fuses them together blissfully. My tastebuds went on the culinary adventure of a life time. I would sit at the breakfast bar, while he got me to taste this, and taste that.......just amazing. And of course we laughed and laughed. So much so that I came back with a husky voice!! 

Being with Reza also made me realise the importance and nutritional value of home cooking. We only ate out twice. The rest of the time everything, and I mean everything, down to the biscuits, were home cooked. And I ate well. And I lost 5 lbs!!!!!!

And I also got to meet Warwick...Mr Bendy yoga person, who is just a sweetheart, and the man behind the most perfect organising of the cookery school,and maintenance of the house 

We went on walks, went to classical concerts, and enjoyed time with their neighbours, who are just like family now, to Reza, and Warwick. Midweek the house was full with friends from London who had come over  to perform at a classical concert in the most stunning gardens, Jardins du Chaigne Warwick, Ross, and Kalina performed beautifully

Enjoy the pictures. As you can see, my colour choice in clothes was turquoise, and some kind of blue clothing seemed to be what we all resonated towards that thats why I was seeing ArchAngel Michael orbs before I went!!


                                                                    Jardins du Chaigne


I got to cook in the kitchen, and the rest of the pictures are Reza's amazing dishes

My heart was filled with so much joy, and gratutide when I got back. I am blessed to have such amazing people in my life.