Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Abstracty Arty

Happy Super Luna

Yes the Moon will be the closest to Earth so far this year, so hopefully the clouds will clear and we will get to see it...wish I had enough puff to blow them away...maybe if we all tried??....hehe!
Loads of rest, to revive, and clear all old thoughts patterns, and release all fear, and anger. Anchor in all you truly wish to be.

I always find that me creativity is so enhanced in between New Moon, and Full Moon...constantly wanting to dabble, and daube, scrape, and splat. Well, this time it went, well, take a look! I adore it. Makes me feel so free, bright, and happy....the colours, I loooooove.

Enjoy, and stay blessed and loved

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The 3 C's

Yes I do, but it don't consume me. I love my life, just as it is, thanks, changes, challenges, is all perfect

 Yet another wonderful round of dinners, loves, and laughs, with me hosting the Tex Mex evening. Louise took the crown this year, with her Russian night.  I think we are going to publish a book, called Come Love, Laugh, and Dine With Me!!! 

Royal Acadamy Summer Exhibition Preview

Tea for Three at Cocomaya in Sloane Square

Emma Stance Darling at London Spirituality Church, haute Chocolat, art, poetry, and so talented. And I finally met Katherine, an FB friend of 3 years, who invited me. So so lovely.

And some styleeee

And I love this video......

It really is

Stay So Blessed, and So loved

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A little more Journaling, and Sea Views

With all these moon eclipses, and solar flares, I have been sooooo tired. No energy to do anything. Well, I am ok now, but gosh, it lasted about 2 weeks. Preceding that, I have had a cough for 6 weeks. Nothing was getting rid of it. It aggravated my asthma. 

I thought is was also the wonderful weather (not) that we had been having. Then Mr Sun came out just in time for the Bank gorg was that.

Mem and I took a trip daan to The Witterings in West Sussex. It was beautiful. We also went to Chichester Marina, and decided we are going to sell everything, and live in a floating house on the little canal there, and you can only access the house with you own little floating bridge...sooo cute..ok well maybe in about 10 years time

 The little pully bridge 

Feeling so much better now...surrendered to whatever was going on, and I found Ooolong tea.....miracles abound....cough has almost gone, and energy levels are so much better. 

And creativity was on a all time high. I am finding new ‘likes’ all the time, and texturing my pages, with torn paper is a big like. And so into neon paints, and pens, so here are my latest pages

And some great quotes. This first one was so powerful for me. To speak my truth, and to be heard. The more I stand in my I am, the more what I truly want, is manifesting. Loving yourself so much that you can be you, completely. It is so good to do this, so so good

Stay blessed and loved