Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Monday, 3 June 2013

Tears, and then some more

I was going to blog about my art, and sea trip, but this was just bugging me so much.....just had to be done, so the other blog is saved and , well here we go!

Two video’s that brought moved me so much, and for two very different reasons

This is the first, with Luiz Antonio, a little vegetarian

What an incredible child. Pure wisdom, he is just amazing. I remember as a child, seeing my Uncle ‘prepare’ a turkey for us. Back in the day you couldn't get halal turkey, so he got one, put it in the garden for a few days,  I became friends with it, then he chopped it up in front of me! I wouldn't eat freaking way. My parents were very surprised. A few years later we went to Pakistan, and my Nan had chickens in her garden, so I made friends with them. Later in the week we were eating chicken, and Mum promised me it want NOT one of my friends ...yeah right!!!

I went to Avebury a couple of weeks back, and the cutest little lamb came bounding up to tore my heart apart, that in a few weeks this choochii little baby was going to be on someones plate.

Listening to this dear child makes so much sense if we really go into our hearts, we just should not and eat animals.

And from all the sound work that I have done, his Mother’s voice is pure heart. She clearly allows her son the freedom and love to be who he is. You know she will not feed him meat after this. She will honour him.  I want one like him teehee.

And this second video. It actually made me shudder in shock. I just could not believe what I was hearing

What are these children seeing. No positive black people, no good black people....I dont get it. That their own skin colour is bad. Why???? Why do they not see good in the black doll. I just do not understand. When I was little I remember I wanted to be white, and not because I hated my skin colours, but because I wanted Santa to visit me, I wanted boy friends, I wanted to be like my friends, but I do not recall thinking dark skin was bad. Who is responsible, and how are these gorgeous children going to be when they grew up
So so sad

Huge sigh

I pray that we see our children, and we fill them to the brim with love, so no matter what they see outside, they love themselves just as the beautiful kiddy winks that they are, and have the strength to walk tall and proud..and they will


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