Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Musings

Sunday Musings

The Welcoming By Michael Stillwater

Let yourself relax into this moment
Let yourself be held without any need to hold yourself up
Let yourself meet the unknown
It’s OK. 
It’s a place we don't have to know with our mind

What if there were Angels all around you
   and you just couldn't see them?
What if there was a Love so vast that you could never be apart from it?
What if it was impossible for you to go anywhere
   where this Love could not find you?

You are entering into the Beauty not far from your Heart
It’s a place that embraces you as you are
I trust that you will be met by a welcoming Presence
   that knows you, and that meets you with a deeper Love
   than you have ever imagined in this World

May you know, without any doubt, the Precious Gift that
   you are

And may you be welcomed by a Presence so loving that all 
  fear subsides

From a book called Graceful Passages by Michael Still Water and Gary Malkin

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Candle Tip

Cooooooold, so cold. I ordered myself a Pink Polka Dot needs to be here soon!!!!

So I thought I would share this tip with you. Its that time of year when we are burning more candles. I burn candles all year around, but tend to burn more at this time of year, because it is darker, and I just adore candlelight.

And this is what I do when I get to the end, and there is still loadsa candle wax left

For candles in Jars

Poor boiling water into the jar that the candle is in (BE CAREFUL. I normally put the jar where I will not need to move it once the water is in, and in a safe place)

Leave overnight or until the wax has floated to the top, and cooled right down.

Take the wax out and just pat dry with a kitchen towel. If it is a large piece you can break it up. You may need to repeat the whole process if you have lots of wax

For free standing Candles

I put the candle end into a plastic bag, and bash into small bits, or you can put it into a cup, and do as above.

Use the wax in your oil burner, with a tea light. I use it until the scent has run out. I have been doing this for about 5 years now, and it a very economical way to use up all that wax

Excuse Gizzi Paws in the background. He adore this table when its cold, because the heat from the radiator underneath keeps him warm...well really hot, but thats how he likes it!!!! And plus he is near me....awaaaaaaa

Stay warm and snuggly

Love Rooby

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I feel so Cherished

Oh I have had a lovely, still day.

Awoke at 6am, to set off to Alexandra Palace, to get a hug from Amma,, the amazing lady who channels pure Divine Mother energy. And ......I know...I had this huge sense that she came to me. It was just so special. She hugged me, and I fell into a deep sleep, which was like being held in your Mothers arms, so loved, and wonderful. Thank you Amma

I have been floaty, and all loved up all day, so much so, that I thought I had won the lotto....ok only £2.90, and I was so grateful. Well I hadn’t...ya dont get nafink for 2 numbers yarrr!!!

Anyways here is some artwork.....its so nice to play today.....enjoy...and I'm off back to La La Rooby Land

I did this

then covered with this

Loooove this shared from Facebook

Monday, 15 October 2012

Un momento de paz en España..........

Awaaaaa I wanna go back. It was soooo peaceful, and relaxing.

First time ever Mem and I have rented a Villa. We always do the luxury hotel resort type stuff. And I think after we did a wooden chalet in Cornwall a couple of years back, he was ready to give it a go. So I took the initiative and booked. Mem did all the “ how do you know its legit ” stuff because I booked directly with the owner, through Owners Direct, and of course it was all perfect. Ok we flew 'shove off shove on' airways but its only a 2 hours flight...he was ok to rough it!!!!

We booked Breizas House for 10 days. It was up in the mountains, overlooking  the village of Alcossebre, which is in between Valencia, and Barcelona. We hired a car, and it was an easy 1.30 min drive, very twisty and steep once you start the climb up to the Villa. I loved it, except when Mem though it was really funny to drive extra close to the edge...on my side one day....I didnt know I could still swear like that!!!!!

A beautiful Villa, and so so peaceful. William, the owner, was always very responsive with any queries via email, and is such a lovely person. 

Mem kept calling it the Eastbourne of Spain, but we both loved it. It was quiet, and very sleepy, just what we both needed. And it had the bestest eva Ice Cream shop...My Gelato...doughnut flavoured ice cream, in a chocolate cone.......slurrrrrp. The restaurants were all very nice, just dont go to Cheers in the Marina....yukky yuk. The beaches, and there are many within a reasonable driving time, were so clean, and quiet. It is a wonderful place to go to to just relax, and larger louts, no nosy bars...wonderful.

The Villa had a completely private pool, so we we able to sunbathe as we wanted....very liberating!!!!! And my skin loved clothes suits me LOL

We both really enjoyed the freedom of a Villa. Yes I know you don't get the daily clean up, and being waited on hand and foot, but we slept in for as long as we wanted, ate when we wanted, and just enjoyed the Mem said, no breakfast plate clattering to wake you up at 8am!!!!

It was nice just to spend time with each other, completely, on a one to one basis. I guess we should be so grateful that we can do this, and not argue the whole time!!!!!!!!! We saw Sun rises and Sun sets, ( yes his idea to hold the Sun in the pictures!!!), and talked, and laughed. I tried to get him to meditate.....and that was just so comical, but he tried, bless him

So the weather was pretty good to us, except the last couple of days, when it rained, and rained so we headed of the a Parrot Zoo. I know I am not a fan of caged up animals, but DH loves birds, so we went, to Peniscola, yes I know although I kept calling it Pensicola!!!!!

One the last night....gosh, the wind and the rain was so fierce. I loved extreme weather. 
It felt like the Villa was rocking. We had to closed all the shutters, and lit a fire....oooohhhhh sooooooo romantic. From our view point we could see the lightening in the distance over the was beautiful.

We drove home the next day, and came back to reports of horrendous floods in Spain that day, and 10 so sad. 

Enjoy the picks, and thank you for visiting xxx

Our little friend

My reading space...blisss

Sunset up by the old church

This one undid DH’s watch.....mugger bird!!!! 

Love the new bird hat!!!!

this one was eating my hair...yum!!!

The views from the Villa