Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ma Girls and Winchester

Amazing time in Winchester, in a Log Cabin, with my girls

We meditated...yes my first ever guided meditation session, and they really enjoyed it. Amazing healing!! We all needed to chill out, and it was perfect. And these ladies have known me a long time, so I relied on them to be completely honest about my guidance, and they were so honest, and couldn't believe that i had never done it before...phewwwyy

We confided, walked, shopped, chatted, and ate wonderful Angel Food. We did Angels cards which were oh so enlightening for each of us, and relaxed in the hot tub, well they did while I cannot handle the chlorine. But I was on hand to supply beer and wine....I make a good waitress!!!!

Farhat and Shireen provided Indian edible lushness on the Friday night. Lesley, Louise and I did Heinz Tomato Soup, and we were going to do egg’n’chips, but there was Indian leftovers, so we left out the eggs. Followed by Vanilla Ice cream, and Maltesers....yes it was a jokey menu, and we are lazy cows!!!!!

Louise also served up a plate of lemons and grapes......sour grapes from us, the losers!!!!!

The next round of our CDWM has a new twist. So I shall be cooking a Russian menu, with  Italian, Thai, Lebanese, and..I cant remember the last one...being cooked by the others

This time with them all means so much

Enjoy the pics



  1. Roobs, great picture! So happy you had a good time.

  2. Some lovely pix, there, Rubes, and a wonderful reminder of the weekend. Farhat XX

  3. PS: the cuisine you missed out is Japanese, and I'm the mug who has to prep the meal - I'll order kebabs for after in case! Yikes. Farhat XX

  4. lol oh yeah.........have you tried googling Russian Cuisine!!!!