Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Monday, 21 January 2013

happy birdies

Just a quick one for our little birdies in this weather

Saw this on FB or Pinterest, cant remember, and I thought it was a fab idea, especially as it is so snowy out there, and birdies are probably so hungry. They need the fat, to stay warm

Loo Roll, or Kitchen roll, covered with peanut butter, or meat fat, and then rolled in bird seeds, and then hang it on a branch, or clothes line. I just slipped it onto a tree branch

Happy, fatty, and warm birdies

Sunday, 20 January 2013

So Quiet, so Snowy

London is getting a lots of snow fall, and it is so silent...well around here it is..just the odd car slushing by, and occasionally the sound of children laughing, and playing. I do love snow. Everything looks so clean, and the glow at night is just magical

I have been indoors mostly, and getting the painty, papery stuff out to play. I am really enjoying the peace all around right now, its a wonderful way to the still the mind.

Ok and I sooo had to join in with the snow pictures, I had to get the zoom out, and ventured into the garden, making crunchy foot prints on virgin, white, fluffy so quietly....

By the way, Uggs are no good in the snow!!

I always find a heart

This looks like an entrance to a magical winder wonderland

Starry Snow

My Play time, using Sheena Douglas Stamps, Kaisrcraft stamps, Deco art paint, Mica masks, and a MS punch, and Promarkers

Stay warm, and dry, and oh sooooo blessed


Thursday, 17 January 2013

A freezing, frosty blog

Helllooooo brrrrr helllooo from a frosty, crispy Laandaan Town.....we have been freezing our little tooches off....minus 6 last night!!

So yesterday, I was feeling a little drained...time of the month, and decided to cancel everything and have a day in Comfy Castle. I feel sooooo blessed that I can do this. 

And I did my first ever altered book. Its a mini book, a 20p jobby job, one of those board childrens book from the charity shop. I have been doing Rachelles Journal candy class, so my book was on my most fav subject...LOOOOVE

Really enjoyed, escaping, and playing, and used some of my collection of quotes. And I adore the mish mash of it....very liberating!!

And I love this quote

And I dont know why, but woke up with a headache this morning. Probably because I had the heating on all night. Very rare for me to get a headache, and I don't do medication, so I did alternate nostril breathing, and voila...gone in 60 seconds...bliss

If you want to know how here ya go

Sit somewhere quiet, and take a couple of long deep breaths.

Place your  two index fingers on either side of you nose, left hand left nostril, right finger right nostril.

Close your left nostril with your left finger, and take a breath in from your right nostril.

Then release your left nostril, close your right nostril, and breath out through your left. Then breathe in through your left, while the right is closed, and then hold the left, and out through your right. 

Keep doing slowly this until you feel your headache easing. Mine took about a minute. If you feel it coming back later, just do it again. Oh and loads of water. This heating is so dehydrating

Stay warm, and snuggly, wherever you are. Bless you

Rubina, all warm and toasty xxx

Thursday, 10 January 2013

and the winner is......

Thank you for all the comments, for the Heart’s Note CD by Stewart Pearce

The winner is.........Anahata

Well done, and please let me know what you think, and I can post the review on my blog.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Whimsey Houses

Loving this latest workshop with Wild Art with Sherri Welser Its called Vintage Whimsey Houses,, and this is my Whimsey House, although it really doesn't look vintage, and not very whimsey, but its my take on it, and thats what I love about Art !!

I used a canvas card, Decoart paints, Stabilo fine markers, little bits of washi tape,and embelies that I had lying around

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy Happy Joy Joy Jar

One of my fav scenes in a film is...I know.....Legally Blond 2...The Snap Cup...I would so walk around with a Snap Cup...yes...dressed in Pink!!!!

How fun would that be, that anytime there was a disagreement, I brought out my snap cup???...Can you imagine peoples faces....and then actually having to be nice about each other, in the midst of an argument......perfect. How wonderful to come back to centre, and really see that person, for how they really are? beware...I may already have a Snap Cup!!!!

Moving on.......

I have seen this idea flying around FB for a while, and finally made my own Jar. Ok, so the idea is, is that you write, on little bits of paper, all the nice things that happen to you in 2013, and on 31st Dec 2013, you open the jar, and read them. I had so many beautiful things happen to me in 2012, on a regular basis, but my memory is so present, that I have forgotten a lot of them.....dont get me wrong, there is always something that reminds me, when I need to be reminded, but I would so love to just be able to remind myself. And I Art Journal, so I think its just perfect for a quick piece of inspiration. So far I have had 2 wonderful things happen, and its only the 3rd Jan....whooopieee..I may need a second jar. 

So welcome to Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Jar

and here is a reminder of the Snap Cup

Stay Blessed and Loved