Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Friday, 30 March 2012


Im getting ready to go away for a Crafty weekend, and just wanted to write a quickie.
I went to the petrol station yesterday, to fill up for todays journey. I never watch the news or read the papers. So, it is manic busy for a Thursday afternoon.....ok.....then I get to the check out, and the poor little indian man behind the counter is stressing, because he is on his own, and the card machine wasnt working, and its so busy. So I ask him why, and someone in the queue behind me says that every petrol station he has been to has been packed!!!!! So now Im thinking ...whats is going on....has Dec 21st 2012 madness started already....are people getting ready to drive to the mountains to stay safe, is there a flood on the way, or a big my mind is going crazy...well not crazy, but
“there going to be a strike love”
Me “oh really ....when?”
Ok so I must have looked completely shocked, and then started laughing, and everyone thought I was mad, but thats ok heeeeheeee.

So when Hubby came home, he gave me the low down. I didn't know about the petrol, postage or pastries......then he tells me he's going to buy a jerry can to fill up with petrol, and Im like, but you get a train to work.....dang the madness is infectious!!!!! 

I may try it at the Salon....wax shortage....please panic buy...Massage oil shortage...please panic buy!! I would make mahoosive amounts of money!!!
I am so glad I filled up, but only because I have a 2 hours drive, but paaaleeeese, if I run out of petrol, I run out. There are trains, and buses peeps.......calm down. I am so glad I will be holed up in a country hotel, away from it all!!!!
Anyway these pictures made me laugh, so enjoy

My badge for crafty weekend

Stay Loved, and Blessed....always 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hungry for Change

Hungry for Change
Watch this only have 5 days to watch it for free. It is full of amazing information about food.

Did you know that the more fizzy drinks you consume, the more carbs yor body craves.
Did you know milk had pus in it.....bleghhhhh
So I’m back on the green shakes. No detoxing, just healthy eating, and no more ‘diets’...they just don’t work
My new mantra for eating
NOT I want it but I can’t have it
AND, Yes I can have it but I don't want it


Sunday, 25 March 2012 may fall in love with yourself and lose weight!!!!

My blogs are like buses.....wait ageeeees for one, and then 3 come along at once, (yes more to come in the next 24 hours!!!) although I dont know if this is still the case with buses, and I may just have made a very old fashioned statement!!!
And here is Bus number1, destination Blissland!!!!
I have been having a very ‘interesting’ time of late. Life definitely feels like it has speeded up, and stuff is whooshing around.
I had the pleasure of seeing Caroline Myss, a couple of weeks ago, and did this lady shake me to my core. Go and see her, if you get a chance...brilliant

Im in row 3 in orange!!!

“You cannot change anything in your life with intention alone,
which can become a watered-down, occasional hope
that you'll get to tomorrow. Intention without action is useless”.
Caroline Myss
So a couple of weeks ago, I ‘Ho O Pono Pono’d’ again with the lovely Robert Berman (you can read about the first time I did this class in a previous blog), and am still ‘recovering’...but in a content, and chilled out way. Its a bit like the amazing sensation you feel when you have worked out really hard, and then get into bed, after a long hot bath, knowing that you can sleep for as long as you want.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Yet another powerful class that shifted yet another layer. 

We just need to let go of those old negative patterns, and yes it is hard but so so worth it.....belieeeeve me, I know!!

I really don't want to write about the people I forgave, but ultimately it all came down to me, and it was so deep deep down inside me....that I had not forgiven myself, and that was one of the hardest things ever, and did I release, and blub......snots and tears...floods of them!!! 
And isnt that just always the hardest part, that we are just so hard on ourselves? I cant beat myself up anymore. Yes I have tried since the class, but it just doesn't makes me laugh, because I know its the old patterns, and I know what they are....soooooooo liberating.
And I love me so much more. It is limitless. And that has taken many many years to feel. And thats what it is all about. When you accept yourself, other will accept you, and love you. 
And there were others that truly let go. My sister in law Nurcan, and 2 nieces, Ceyda, and Cigdem were just so brave, and amazed me with their openness
And it was so weird. Considering I have organised the class, for some reason I thought we started at 10am on the Saturday, so I decided that i would get there early, to make sure all was ok. Came out of South Ken station, and straight into Pauls for a pastry, and an Earl grey tea. Thought I would check my phone, and there were 2 missed calls, and a voicemail from Robert....the class started at 9am!!!!!!!!! I was just so shocked, so I ended up being 35 mins late. Robert was just so chilled about it. When I got home that evening, I decided to check my notes from the last class in Glastonbury, and guess what, I was 35 minutes late for that class too!!!!! I told Robert the next morning, and he said 3+5 =8, and that is the master number for clearing!!!!! I love the way the Universe talks to me!!!!!
Aaanyway once we got started it was just so powerful. Robert delivers in a sublime way. He has such softness and love in the way he speaks, so so sincere, and so patient. You never ever get the ‘I know more than you’ feeling with him, and no ego. He holds you in such a place of comfort, and you feel safe. And he spoke, and we listened, and we spoke, and he listened, and it was all just as it should be. The group dynamic was magical, of course, with so many gorgeous Goddesses in the room. Yes, sadly no men. They are finding it hard to let go of their poop...the big fat chickens!!!!
This time Robert also spoke about the reasons why people are over weight. And it makes so much sense. If our body is blocked with pain, then it isn't in free flow, so we hold onto weight. After releasing so much, nearly everyone I saw the day after told me I had lost weight, so I decided to weigh myself, and blow me down with a big fat doughnut, I had lost 4lbs!!!!
I don't want to go into to much about what everyone shared, obviously, but here is some feedback
“I was just surprised that something so simple could be quite so powerful” 
Sarah Harkess
“Everything has been incredibly peaceful since that weekend. I'm carrying on with it of course and just getting happier and happier!” 
Susan Bowen
"Ho O Pono Pono made me feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My mind and body is on a great peaceful journey. I have forgiven all." 
Jane Cohen
“ It was like a liberating awakening” 
Ceyda Ceylan
“ I feel that I have found my anchors and realised that it was me who created them all along” Cigdem Ceylan

It is such a simple tool, and yet so so powerful. It will change the way you live, and love, in the most positive way
So, due to huge demand, I have organised another one for June

Come and know it makes sense!!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hearty Canvas

I'm all loved up, and missing `Mamma Latif. who spends winter away, in sunnier places. I shall call her later.
I felt the urge, and created this Love canvas. The words are stamped on a wax strip hahahaaaa....well I have to find a less painfull use for them. I love the paper/clothy feel of them. People have suggested I sell my work.....scary mary....ok I will give it some thought....ok I will!!!

Anyways....enjoy, and I truly hope you have had a loveeeeeerly day


Rooby x

Happy Mother's Day

Mamma Latif has always told me that Heaven lies beneath a Mother's Feet, and as I believe Heaven to be a place of the purest form of love there is, I think she may be right. 
Happy Mother's Day

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Prize Draw

Sorry for the delay in the prize draw. I have just done it and the winner is........................CRAIG...yeahhh..well done. Craig email me your address on

I will blog soon, about my amazing week

Namaste x

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Over 3000 hits

I am soooo humbled. Over 3000 hits on this blog, in 8 months, and I was hoping for 1000 in a year!!!!!. Thank you so much.

So to celebrate, I am giving away a Spiezia Organic Skincare Kit worth £29.95. Just leave a comment on the blog, and you're in the draw. I will pick the winner on Friday

Love you so much

A big grinning Rooby xx

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Loo Roll, Tim, Anna and Canvas

I finally did it on canvas. Big fat pat on the back. I have hundreds of blank canvases ( yes I’m exaggerating), and every day I look at them, and wonder, and walk away. Not today. I will do this, was the mantra. Ok it took about 5 hours, but I am very pleased. Did a bit, walked away, and then did another bit, in true artistic styleee!!!!!  
It is a chooochy little canvas, and a very pwetty canvas
I used Tim Holtz dies, Anna Griffin stamps, distress ink, some old paint from the shed, and some pink acrylic paint. And for the first time in 17 years,  I was happy the Hubster left the empty loo roll on the cistern, because it was a great idea for the skirt. I sealed with Mod Podge, and sprayed the whole thing with glitter

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hey Fatty Boom Boom

What a week for me. Let me tell ya all about it
As many of you know, I help out at a club for the elderly every Friday. So last Friday, there were a couple of health workers who turned up to do blood pressure checks. I was running around, and that voice in my head kept telling me to get my bp checked. So once everyone was finished I sneaked over. 
‘Why are you getting your bp checked young lady hahahhaaa”
“ I havent had it checked for 6 months, so why not hahahaaaa”
Well the “haaaaaaahaaa” stopped pretty quickly when a shocked health worker told me my bp was very high. I was speechless. Shaken to the core. So she waited, and took it again. Still high. “you are one of the youngest here, and you have a high bp. You need to go and see your Doctor asap”
I was numb. I just couldn't understand why. I felt so well, so healthy, and so relaxed, the most I have ever felt in my life. How had I manifested this? I had a Health Check only last year, and the Doctor was so impressed with me. What had gone wrong? Ok I do not exercise at all, but I eat relatively well. I meditate. 
This was something huge for me. 
I have amazing people around me, who truly hold me at times like these. My darling niece Lamis came out of a medical lecture to answer my call. She is so calming. I trust her implicitly. My friends came over on the Saturday night for CDWM, and held me emotionally, offering advice on exercise, and really supporting me.  Other friends were sending me healing, I could feel it so.
I realised that I had to work on my physical. I havent worked out for about a 2 years. I used to so much, but I never lost a pound. Even my personal trainer called Mem because he didnt believe that I ate the way I had written about, in my food diary, because I wasnt shifting any weight. And he was working me. It got me thinking. Why was I holding onto this weight? So I started on my ‘journey’ and have forgotten about my physical, and this was a huge....slap and wake up girl. And I slumped. Big time. I was so upset. I spent Sunday in misery, really beating myself up. On Monday I meditated, and felt so much better. I really wasnt going to let this happen. I would heal this, and get fit, and that was my mantra until Wednesday

So on Wednesday, I trotted ( lol piggy stylee) off to the Docs. When he asked my what was wrong, he laughed and said “ you haven’t got high blood pressure. Look at you, so happy, and relaxed”!!!!
And he was right. My bp was normal. Apparently its not a good idea to get it check just after you have been running around!!!!! 
Phewwwwweeeeeeeeeeee. Such huge relief. And it got me thinking about all this health and fitness stuff again.

I have always been curvy, and now I am plump. I have alway worried about food, well up until last year, when I stopped. And the reason why I stopped was because I need to work on what was going on in my head, why did I have these blocks, these fears, that were preventing me from shifting bulk. I havent lost weight, and I haven’t put any on. I don’t sit around all day and am fairly active. Ok I ran for the train a few weeks back, and was breathless, but recovered very quickly. It got me thinking about this obsession with food that we have. How many fad diets, the high fibre diet, the cabbage diet, the Atkins diet, the Soup diet, the suck on your shoes diet, ok I made that one up, but isnt it just crazy????? I have friends that obseeeeesssss about food, and then gorge on it...”.no I cant eat this, no I cant eat that, OMG I just ate 30 bars of chocolate, and 50 loaves of bread”!!!!!!! If I tell myself that chocolate is bad for me, then isnt that what I will manifest, so as I eat it, I’ve already told my body thats it bad, so it will turn bad!!! And if its bad why am I eating it. Its like an addiction, of the worst kind because this’ drug’ is everywhere. And these same people have high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes now!!! Whats that all about? This is a work in progress. I will heal this body. I really do love me. I need to tweek my lifestyle a bit. Yes it would be healthier for me to loose weight, and be fitter. But, and this is a huuuuge BUT, I will not stress/obsess about food, no way no how.
I’m a happy fatty boom boom

Lamis and me

A happy Fatty me!!!!