Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Friday, 10 May 2013

I am enough

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination."~ Nelson Mandela

With the huge shift in energies, we are all are highly sensitive right now. Whilst it is always good to lend guidance, firstly always ask permission. And is so, so important that it be done from a complete place of love, and compassion, and with grace. The harsh' knock you into shape' attitude is an old old pattern. And projecting your stuff. DO NOT DO IT, we have enough of our own shite to cope with!!!! 

We really need to hold each other. And enjoy each other. And love each other

I been doing a lot of ‘Me Loving’ of late. It is coming up, again, and again, in my awareness.  And even with all the workshops, and guidance, I have found it D_I_F_F_I_C_U_L_T!!!!!. We hide dont we?? Behind the smiles, and the organising, and the happy, clappy stuff, but right now, there is no where to hide. It is coming up, and slapping you about the chops!! And non self love creates so many blockages, financial lack, unfulfilled relationships, illness, and deep down sadness, so nothing is ever enough

What do I do? Connect with myself. As some one said to me, fake it till ya make it. So ‘I love me’ mantras, telling yourself that you are enough, as you are, right here, right now. Big belly, little belly, its all perfect. See the God/Goddess that you are. Yes this is for me just as much as it is for you. No more beating myself up, no more looking to others for acceptance, and approval, I am enough, Yes Yes yes..I love me, yes yes yes!!! Gosh I am fantastic!!
And I love this prayer

I pray to remember that my worth is not determined
by my show of outward strength
or the volume of my voice
or the thunder of my accomplishments.
it is to be seen, rather,
in terms of the nature and depths of my commitments,
the genuineness of my friendships,
the sincerity of my purpose,
the quiet courage of my convictions,
m capacity to accept life on life’s terms,
and my willingness to continue ‘growing up’

Aaanyways...loook at my craggy old antique ledger. Been after on for ages, but they were expensive on ebay, then I found a blokie who sold me 3 for 25 smackaroonies. One had a huge lock on it......!! And I love love love, (not as much as I love me though tee heee). The pages are smelly, and yellow, and oh so strong. I dont even need to prep with gesso, and they dont crinkle wit paint I has been a playin’. 

Enjoy, and stay blessed, and loved