Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Thursday, 21 June 2012

whats a birthday girl to do.......

So today was my birthday. FirstlyI really couldn't remember how old I was...has to get the calculator out...LOL......and realising that I had 4, not 3 years to go until my 50th, was a bit of a relief!!!!! 

New Hair make me feel younger, and more stylish!!!

Secondly, what do you do on your birthday. By the time you are my age, every nook, and cranny of the house is filled with things you want, and need...OK just WANT in my case, so no shopping trips, and having a good old drink up, and boogie is booooring because I’ve been there, seen it, done what to do?????
And me, being a typical Gemini, what different, enticing adventures all the time.
So my magic carpet ride trip to Jordan was the perfect prezzie from the Hubster, although he was so ready to get my another “proper” prezzie this morning, until I told him that he really didn't need too, and that him paying for Jordan was just the most perfect gift of all.
My celebrations begun yesterday. I managed to get a ticket to see HH Dalai Lama, at the Royal Albert Hall. I have resonated with him for years, in his teachings, and I just adore his energy. And it was just amaaaaaazing (yes my fav word). His love, and light, and cheekiness, are just adorable. I was moved to tears when he came on stage, and then again when he started to help the stage staff clear the microphone stands away...such an egoless, and humble man. Someone asked him a question about greed, and he had no concept of it, he had to ask his assistant!!!!!!!  Another asked about the secret to happiness, and his answer “if there is a secret to happiness, then it is a secret, and should be kept that way, after all isn't that what a secret is. But there is no secret....just be happy”, followed by the cutest laugh ever. Simple stuff right?.........there is no the change you want to see, release all that anger, and pain. Honestly, people ask me all the time, how comes you are so happy, and positive? Simple answer....because I simply choose to be. I have had huge challenges over the past few months, that would drive a lot of people into complete despair, but I will not wallow. Even my Hubby commented on it, my Father commented on it, and these two men have known me a long, long time. My Father looked me in the eyes, and said he truly believed that I was, at last, absolutely happy, and content, and that his prayers were now answered.....a moment in my life, which no words can describe. Yes learning to change your mindset, and habits is hard, but the simplicity of life, where I am right now, is truly truly wonderful. That I cannot blame anyone for anything that happens to me, that I invite the lessons, that I ask dear God, and the Angels for their guidance...thats it, simple,simple,simple. And the miracles that now take place are Divinely Guided, because I allow, and welcome.
So back to yesterday. After the talk, my darling Stewart, took me to tea, to celebrate my birthday. Laleema, and Reza, also came along, and we had a fab time....the laughs, and joy, and cake were just sublime. To be in the company of people who 'get it'...effortless. And gorgeous gifts too

And today. Yes, the elementals were calling...I needed big time in nature. I have been feeling very ‘cloudy city’ in my head so a day in nature was perfect to blow all mists away.  And I needed a day with my camera!!!! Photographing nature is my thing...I always get really good shots. Mem and I are members of the National trust, and in 2 years, we have used our cards twice....shameful!!! So off we went to Nymans, in Handcross.
It was just beautiful. You can read this link to find out more  and I would recommend you go and see, this stunning place


Honestly...he has to explore everything

Get off my land, and stay away from my teeny tiny castle LOL

I caught a bee coming out of the flower.....amazing

After a walk around, and the obligatory tea, and cake, Mem and I headed off daaan to Brighton, to enjoy the rest of the day's Sun. After laughs, and seaside walks, we polished off Fish’n’Chips, followed by a 99 ice cream on the Pier, and headed home.

yes I took this

 and he took this!!!!

And of course a million thank you’s for all the text messages, cards, gifts,and FB messages....I is feelin’ rather spech. And I havent even done the ‘family’ celebration yet.....Queen Rubina, get off your throne woman!!!!!!!
Bless you, I love you, thank you
Namaste xxx

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Happy Birthday Blog......for yesterday!!!!!

What a naughty blog Mummy...yes I started my blog a year ago yesterday, and completely forgot.....brain is being very ‘present’ lately, which is good, because I am always in the Now. 
Aaaaaaanyway......... at the top of your voice.......all together now
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Rooby Whishes Bloooooog
Haaaaaaaaaaaaappy Birthday to Yooooooooooooooooou

Thank you so much for your support. It has been so much fun doing this. And to all those who told me to write how I speak, thank worked. I was hoping for about a 1000 hits a year, and the counter currently says 6705!!!!!
I loves ya sooooooo much, so here is a huge Rubina stylee huge du jour for you all

Monday, 18 June 2012


I don't do it nearly enough,  and I should everyday. And when I do this is how comforted I feel.....those exquisite moments of stillness, after chanting OM. I feel calmer, more knowing, much more connected with Source/Divine/God, and all is so much brighter when I open my eyes....try and you will love...OM...Namaste 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

More Jordan Pictures

Here are some more pictures of Jordan....enjoy, and count your blessing that I don't own a projector, otherwise I would be showing all 642 pics to you on your next visit here...hurrahhhhh for blogs!!!!

Hearty Stone

This Kitty just came an sat on Mem's lap outside the Treasury

Feras Our Taxi Angel

Whaaaat Im just sitting!!!!

Holiday Toes

Venus over the West Bank