Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Detox Delight

Fab-tas-tic.... I have just completed 3 days of detoxing. I feel so virtuous I really do. I have never ever been able to even complete a day.....would always flag by about 4pm on the first day , and stuff bread, chocs, crisps  in my month..all at the same time!!!!  And being completely addicted to bread, and chocs, I had to do this. This time it was different, and I truly believe that you have to be in the right mind set, otherwise you will just cave in. I had to release myself form being controlled  by is sooooooooo consuming, and whilst I agree that we should all enjoy a little of what we desire, when it controls you, and your health that is ‘addiction’.
3 days of Green Smoothies consisting of celery, cucumber, avocado, apples, and spinach (quite yummy actualls), and 2 litres of water a day, I only had 3 ‘slip ups’ of a couple of rice cakes, soup, and a small piece of grilled chicken, I did bloomin’ marvelous. I also did loads of Maya Fiennes Kundalini Yoga, and had a Facial and Massage at the Salon....a retreat..all in my own home, and salon..marvellous 
I meditate on a regular basis that really helped with that 'mind chitter chatter’  you know the one that tries to tell you........ 
“ oh just eat a piece of bread, you should be able to eat what you want, why are you punishing yourself, you are starving, you need proper food” Honestly I could go on and on, at how your mind will lead you astray. 
And going food shopping...what was that I entered I was greeted with a stand of buns ,and doughnuts on offer, then a little further on, a special offer on cakes, and then next to them a special offer on crisps......err hello, and all the fruit and veg offers had no designated “offer’ area at the front. We are bombarded with this everyday. And ultimately it is up to us to say no, we have to take control. 
So I lost 3lbs in 3 uplifting. I feel lighter, in my head too, like I have more room for other things, and I don't feel bloated. 

So apart from the mad headache, and shivers on the first day, and peeing every hour, I am so glad I have done this, but like I said earlier, I had to be in the right mind set. DH and I are planning on adopting, so I really want to be healthy and fit, to give my best to a child. So I plan to carry on, not as extremely but more sensibly. I am going to try the Harcombe Diet, which is a low carb diet, and get some cardio in each day 

Anyways I managed to make a mess in the Craft Room, without freaking out, and created some lovely cards. I am obsessed with ‘Larimar’ blues, corals, reds, and lime greens, at the moment 

Messy!!! AND I left it like that for 4 hours....and it wasn't hard to do!!!!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Fun and Photos

Ohhhh what fun was had last weekend. Kirsty Kinroy Wiseman  came daan to Laaadaan for the weekend to teach a photography class, and hang out with me innit...sorry we were talking like this all weekend so I need to STOP. 

On Friday, after I had her pampered into bliss at Mother Earth Beauty Salon we chilled out, and are yummio dessert at Comfy Castle for the evening.

Then on Saturday night she very generously, and kindly taught me how to make my website, which we did managed amongst all the laughs, and spiritual talking.  Kirsty and I met through Facebook last year, yet have a very strong connection. You know when you feel like you have known some before, for years.  I love talking to her. She is amazingly creative, and talented. Since I finished my Craft room, I had lost my creative mojo, and it was like she left sparkly twinkly creative sprinkles in my mind, and my room, to help me get creative again. And we laugh so much lovely Kaalooolaaa.

Then came Sunday. I was joining Kirsty and some others on a Photography course. DH brought me a 'proper' camera for my birthday, and no I didnt know how to use it. Well guess what......I do now. Kirsty taught us how to set the camera, and how to shoot. She is such a patient, and interesting teacher, even when it came to the usually boring techy stuff. I learnt soooooooo much. So Mario, hang on to your Testino's because Roobs is a coming for ya!!!  
I shall be papping to my hearts content. I've decided to go for a One to One with Kirsty , later in the year, just to learn more. Here are some pics from the day

close up



Orbs !!!

I love this pic

Pracitsing with my Gizzi