Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Monday, 25 March 2013


Hellooooooo Peoples

Yes this is how the last 2 weeks has been...busy and delightful

Spent an amazing 10 days in Ajman, and Dubai with my Mum, Dad, and little Bro. Sooo much fun. Mum and Dad go out there in November, and stay till May, because Dad really cannot cope with the cold anymore. Although they have an apartment in Dubai, they find it a bit too glitzy, so now have a lovely new apartment in Ajman...reminds them of Pakistan..LOL. It has a lovely sea view...well harbour view, and a mall downstairs, so they don't need to drive everywhere. I really love going to Dubai. It is so relaxed, and you feel so safe all the times. No drunken rowdies anywhere, no fear of being robbed. And yes you can drink out there, and wear short skirts, and go clubbing..if thats your thing.  And it was nice to travel with Amer, my brother, because we have never been away together....ever..ok when we were 6 we did!! He is sooo chilled out, and so funny..we did laugh a lot. And it was so nice to feel the heat.....temp was about 30c.......bliss times. It was very healing to spend time together. And I was reminded of such beautiful childhood memories. 



Parents Apartment

The Atlantis Hotel

Burj Kalifa..tallest building in the World

Whirling Dervish

Dads BF's House on Palm Island

I came back last Tuesday, and then had to prepare for my crafty retreat with Scrapagogo on Friday.

Oh and on Thursday I went to the album launch of my gorgeous friend Katie Rose. She has such a beautiful voice, and energy on stage...I loved every moment. And she raised so much money for a water charity..such an Earth Angel.

Back to Gogo.......I go every March but this year I enjoyed it so much, that I have signed up for October, and march, and October 2014. I adore everything about the retreat, the fellow delegates, the Gogo team, the Hotel. I can really switched off, and use another part of my brain for 3 days. It is very different to be away, crafting, espech with people who I know are going to make sure everything is perfect. The team really do work so hard to ensure we have a great  time. This year they made up booklets for us all, with our names, which classes we were booked for, and then instructions for ALL the classes, including the ones I wasnt booked for....what a lovely idea. And of course the classes were soooo good, and it was so nice to see everyone again.

I made books, and tea dyed lace, and made little monsters from my finger prints

So here are my layouts

Challenge Layout

Meshy Moments

 All Fingers and Thumbs

French Fancy

Mini Memories in which I put pics of my Soul Family x

Ties That Bind

Mr and Mrs

Heart of the Home

My Badge, made from a  punched coke can

Eyebrows R Us

Snowy snow snow....thank goodness for Hot Chocolate!!

All of Us

Thank you Mum, Dad, Little Bro, and the Gogo team/ friends for making my last 2 weeks so wonderful xxx