Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Magical Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Hellooooo oh Gorgeous Ones

Well as promised in a previous blog, here is a write up about my first experience with Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

 I have known Gabriele for about 2 years, and have become more ‘in tune’ with her over the past few months. She is an amazing person, so full of light, and oh so intuitive. We have spent more, and more time together, and truly ‘see’ each other. I really am blessed to have her with me in this life time. 

She very kindly offered a Crystal Bowl Sound Healing session to me. Honestly, I am so blessed to have such generous Souls in my life. Yesterday, my darling friend Ania gave me the most incredible massage. Deep, and so healing. She worked on past life injuries big time!!!!!

 And the day before, my exquisite friend Katie, who has the voice of an Angel, came and chanted, and gonged in the Salon, to clear away old energies. And she will be giving Reflexology sessions at the Salon. This kind of support right now, is truly heaven sent. I am just smiling all the time. Blessed with such beautiful Earth Angels

Here a little video of darling Katie, and her new album launch

So back to Crystal Sound Bath. It was arranged on a Full Moon day, although neither of us realised this when we planned it......well we did ethereally!! SO it was gonna be a special one
So off I transported, to Wapping. Gabriele has a gorgeous apartment over looking the Thames...I could just sit in the huge window, and just gaze at the comings and goings on the River all day. And of course it was light, and full of beautiful energies. I was eager to see the Crystal Bowls. She has 12, large to small, and obviously they all make different sounds, and relate to the different chakras of the body

Firstly she got me to intuitively pick an Angel card. I got the Angel card Sandalphon and is all there is, so I was a really happy laydeeeee!!

I lay on the couch, and Gabriele made sure I was comfortable. Above me was a light stand, with 7 glass prisms coming out of it, which she angled for each chakra. She then covered my eyes, and the enchantment begun.

Heres a video from youtube, to give you an idea

All I can say is, is that is was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. She intuitively would go to the bowl and sound she felt I needed. Ok so whats the sound?? sounds like glassy bells....thats the only way I can describe it, but cleaner, and continuous. it was like she was playing my sound. Deep, low notes, to high light notes, and all the time, I was seeing such stunning images, huge Angel wings over my head, pyramids, crystal cities.......and pains were being healed. So I felt a pain in my arm, and she played a sound, and it went.....really!!!!!

It felt like I was there for a lot longer than 20 minutes. She slowly, and gently brought me out of my relaxed state. I have never felt such a feeling of complete stillness and peace, and the light in the room was soooo twinkly. Just amaaazing. And this feeling stayed with me for days, and I can go back there so quickly, to that still, and peaceful place. And my creativity went into overdrive.......Gabriele showed me the way to somewhere very very special. 

She gives private consultations, workshops, and concerts. You can contact her by email, or call 07776250717. You will looooove it

God Bless Gabriel, and her magical Crystal Bowls

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