Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bit like a Rubiks Cube falling into place

I have been trying to get on and do admin stuff today, yet felt compelled to write a blog today, so I will...any excuse to put admin to one side!!!

Strange goings on....which I am loving

Tibetan bowl ringing on its own..yes in the early hours of the morning..I know......and I cannot make the sound when I bong it......Angels are playing in my home..... 
The tiny water heater, in the Salon, stopped working about 6 months ago, ‘fixed itself’ and now we have hot water!
Been having a huuuge clear out of clutter at home, and one the same day my iPhone lost all the entries for my calendar, so new adventures ta dahhhhh!!

Ok back to the reason for me writing this blog.

I have had 3 conversations, with friends, based on the same subject, this week.

These ladies are all such beautiful souls, yet when something goes wrong, they blame themselves, and think they have done something wrong

‘I am such a good person, why is this happening to me, what did I do wrong”??

It got me thinking, and this is what I shared with them

When we want to create the life we want, and we start working towards that, with life style changes, and visualisations, its a bit like picking up a Rubiks cube, with all the sides and colours mixed up. We are asking the Universe for whatever it is we want, so changes will take place. And some of these changes can be the most challenging. This doesn't mean that we are doing anything wrong, and that Divine and the Angels do not want to help us live out our dreams, it simply means that there are issues, and circumstances which need to alter, to fit in, to your dream life. And some of these changes will affect things that you are really connected to like friends, and family, lack of money, losing your job, and home. At the time, it really does feels like all is ‘going wrong’, and it does hurt.  And we sometimes just give up, because the challenges are so severe. Do not give up, you will manifest your dream.  The Universe is challenging you all the time, testing you, to see how serious you are about positive change. And if you blame yourself, or go into self doubt, you create blockages, and therefore you do not achieve your dream.

 I remember talking to a friend who was really fed up of living in a home that she felt was too small. She was trying to save, and praying to get a bigger home, yet nothing seemed to worked. So I asked her if she felt she deserved a bigger, better home, and she stopped and looked at me, and tears welled up in her eyes...and she said ‘No’!, and then realised how it was her thinking that was causing the block.

I have another friend, who got divorced a couple of years ago. She was doing the classic thing, beating herself up, thinking she would never find love again. I remember seeing her on one of her worst days, yet I saw a beautiful, brave lady, with some much in store. So much so that I was compelled to write her an email telling her how fab she was
Now, she is in a beautiful relationship, with a fab man, who adores her, and her kiddy-winks, and living in a beautiful home in the countryside.....her dream life. 

Surround yourself with people who will support you, and hold you.
Love you as you are, right now. You are perfect. ( my daily mantra)
Listen to your true inner voice. If you find this difficult, meditate, take moments of stillness, or even a walk in nature can evoke that inner desire.
Call on the Angels for support, they are waiting
And sometimes just be thankful for Right Now

The tests you will be given will be as unique as you are. If you focus on doing the best you can and making use of the blessings you have been granted, the outcome of your efforts will be a joyous reflection of your dedication.

When you are sitting in you dream home, with oodles of love, and money, everything you went through will have been so worth it, and will seem like nothing, in that pure time of joy. 

So like the little squares on the Rubiks cube, constantly being turned here, and there, until finally they are in perfect union, and matched in colour, just as they are meant to be

Im off to sort my knickers drawer, as I continue with this decluttering...oh wait..admin...naaa it can wait!!!

Stay blessed and Loved you gawjuss Soul you xx

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sticky HQ

OMG so so sticky right now....Laandaan is so so humid. Doing wonders for my skin though, so I am not complaining

When I did my last post about the Glasto retreat, I somehow bucked a bit to early, and missed out a few very cherished moments, and because I want to continue to remember such a beautiful time, with Kindred Souls

Jenny Faulkner, gave a beautiful talk on the Friday evening on the healing power of creating Family Shrines. It was such a moving talk, in which Jenny had found a way, through art, to help to  heal family issues. 

And these were some of the gifts that were given. I was so taken aback. They are stunning

And here are some more pictures of the retreat, courtesy of Katie Flowers

And here is some of my latest creations, and some pics of the beautiful Super Moon we had last night. I was zonked all day......very very powerful. Ooooh and remember the 29th July, the planets will form a Star of David in the sky to create Heaven on Earth guys....Love you xxx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Feeling hot hot hot

I really don't want to moan, but hot flushes.......major hot flushes, or is it the weather? Last night I was sweating so hard, well probably not a good idea to move around heavy stuff in my craft room!!! We’re just not cut out for this heat in this country. I am staying indoors, like some Arab princess, unless where I go is air conditioned!! 

And then on the other hand, I am adoring it. The jasmine is in full bloom in the garden, my skin is more comfortable, everything is so bright, and shiny, and it is nice to wear hardly any free, and flowy.

I have been creating. It is my solace. My skin did really flare up a few weeks back, and yes it is hard, but its my vulnerability, on show, for everyone to see..I cannot hide it, and thats good..kinda. My skin is such an indicator to emotional issues that I am not processing, and indicator to how I treat my body. So I am back on the body mantras, and supplements. Oh and trying out Apple Cider Vinegar in the so soothing

Amaaaaaaaaaing time at the Call of the Wild retreat in Glastonbury, it was just fantabulous. Erin, who runs it, is just such a Earth Mother. She is just so intuitive, and her aim is to empower women through art. I just love her. And Tamara, another gorgeous Earth mother, so calming, and so talented. If you go onto my FB page, you can also see a little video of the retreat

It was so so powerful. We had the most heartfelt ceremony at the Chalice Well. I did my first ever guided meditation with people I didnt know. There was no plan, I was just going to intuit on the day. And it was really well received. The energies we all created were just magical. We laughed, we shared, and we ate great organic food. I managed to get a lovely little apartment to myself, which was so clean, and I slept like a baby. I shifted a whole loadsa emotional stuff too. Back to that same thing of self love. Something I thought I had really sorted in childhood just came on so deep, and so so painful. But once it was out, I felt so light, and free. An emotional puke!!!! 

Huge soul connection was made with everyone there. Beautiful Goddesses, and all producing such wonderful work. I really didnt want to come home. I go on retreats often, but I really miss everyone, even now. I learned so much, and I learnt that my art is mine, its so so personal, and it is so so expressive. I feel so much more freedom when creating now

So here is what I created

Tam’s class, and know I know exactly how to use my brayer. I thought I had messed up the face, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it

Erin’s class, where we created our inner Goddess, and my adorable Goddess......I really love her, and " sparkly, hear tfelt, and shiny" were some of the things the ladies wrote about so lovely, and I used them in the painting

and heres some pics

Visit to Stone Henge on the way back

And this is what I have done since I came back. 

Another Goddess

A summer abstract

Royal Academy.....I may submit for the Summer Exhibition next year..hahahaaaaa!!!
Peace Out, Soooooo much Love xx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Pa Pa Pa.........Poppies

I will blog about my amazing time in Glasto.

Driving back on Monday, I saw a Poppy Field, from the distance. The sea of red took my breathe away. I was called to stop, but where on this tres busy A Road?....ah bliss, there was a lay by, beckoning me to stop, and play.

It was soooo warm, and the poppies were wilting, yet the still looked so pretty. Every time I tried to photograph one, the wind blew, yet in my head, it looked like they were being all shy, and coy. If you like my Rooby Whishes page on Facebook, you will even see the little video I took.

And yes I took a gazzillion pictures.