Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Feeling hot hot hot

I really don't want to moan, but hot flushes.......major hot flushes, or is it the weather? Last night I was sweating so hard, well probably not a good idea to move around heavy stuff in my craft room!!! We’re just not cut out for this heat in this country. I am staying indoors, like some Arab princess, unless where I go is air conditioned!! 

And then on the other hand, I am adoring it. The jasmine is in full bloom in the garden, my skin is more comfortable, everything is so bright, and shiny, and it is nice to wear hardly any free, and flowy.

I have been creating. It is my solace. My skin did really flare up a few weeks back, and yes it is hard, but its my vulnerability, on show, for everyone to see..I cannot hide it, and thats good..kinda. My skin is such an indicator to emotional issues that I am not processing, and indicator to how I treat my body. So I am back on the body mantras, and supplements. Oh and trying out Apple Cider Vinegar in the so soothing

Amaaaaaaaaaing time at the Call of the Wild retreat in Glastonbury, it was just fantabulous. Erin, who runs it, is just such a Earth Mother. She is just so intuitive, and her aim is to empower women through art. I just love her. And Tamara, another gorgeous Earth mother, so calming, and so talented. If you go onto my FB page, you can also see a little video of the retreat

It was so so powerful. We had the most heartfelt ceremony at the Chalice Well. I did my first ever guided meditation with people I didnt know. There was no plan, I was just going to intuit on the day. And it was really well received. The energies we all created were just magical. We laughed, we shared, and we ate great organic food. I managed to get a lovely little apartment to myself, which was so clean, and I slept like a baby. I shifted a whole loadsa emotional stuff too. Back to that same thing of self love. Something I thought I had really sorted in childhood just came on so deep, and so so painful. But once it was out, I felt so light, and free. An emotional puke!!!! 

Huge soul connection was made with everyone there. Beautiful Goddesses, and all producing such wonderful work. I really didnt want to come home. I go on retreats often, but I really miss everyone, even now. I learned so much, and I learnt that my art is mine, its so so personal, and it is so so expressive. I feel so much more freedom when creating now

So here is what I created

Tam’s class, and know I know exactly how to use my brayer. I thought I had messed up the face, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it

Erin’s class, where we created our inner Goddess, and my adorable Goddess......I really love her, and " sparkly, hear tfelt, and shiny" were some of the things the ladies wrote about so lovely, and I used them in the painting

and heres some pics

Visit to Stone Henge on the way back

And this is what I have done since I came back. 

Another Goddess

A summer abstract

Royal Academy.....I may submit for the Summer Exhibition next year..hahahaaaaa!!!
Peace Out, Soooooo much Love xx