Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Back to Aromatherapy

I was lucky enough to be trained by the amazing aromatherapist Micheline Arcier 30 years ago, at her clinic in Knightsbridge. She was a formidable, insightful, and spirited woman, who counted members of the Royal Family as her clients. She vetted everyone before she agreed to allow you on her course. I was so lucky to have been picked. On the day we learnt to mix the  oils together she explained that it wasn't just about mixing the oils together, and that the energy of the person mixing the oils played a huge part in the aroma. We were all given the same oils to mix, and it was surprising to see that everyone's blend smelt completely different. She went around the room, taking gentle sniffs from our bottles, and once she got to mine she sniffed, let out a huge sigh, and said in her beautiful French accent

"Rubina this is exquisite. You have THE gift. Your blends smell amazing.”

I was so shocked as she just didn't ever praise anyone. She passed a few years ago, and for the past few months she has been coming into my awareness so much, that I am guided to once again go back to aromatherapy, and now perfumery. Aromas are incredibly healing, and I adore working with essential oils. Up until my IVF, I never took meditation for anything, I always used essential oils. Even now, having psoriasis, I still make up blends to calm, soothe and heal.

I have just booked a course with perfumer extraordinar√© Karen Gilbert, and am so excited. 

Also I am now so weary of using everyday skin care because of the amount of chemical they contains

When I first became a therapist 30 years ago, no one had any skin conditions, yet in the past 10 years I noticed more and more clients with much more sensitive skins, and rashes. It is estimate that in one day we can be putting over 100 different chemical on our skins through the skincare, and make up we use!

There are many of us who are now going back to natural products, and homemade products, at a fraction of the cost, and completely natural.

I will be producing a book, after I have complete my course, showing how to make your own products, with a brief description of oils and their benefits.

Also going to be offering Organic Aromatherapy Facials which are just exquisite using accupressure point massage techniques which really help to lift and rejuvenate the skin

The book will be at a minimal cost because I am so passionate about using natural products on our skins