Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Jewel that is Jordan

Finally, I have the time to blog about my amazing journey to he blessed land that is Jordan. I always land running when I come back from holiday!!!! This holiday was sooo worth the 3 years wait. 
Jordan is not an oil country, it is the poorest in the World for water resources, but they are rich with intelligence and love, and their land is just magical. 
We headed to the Dead Sea firstly to heal my skin. As a lot of you already know, I have chronic psoriasis. About 70% of my body is covered, including my scalp. It has disappeared from my face mostly. I tried steroid cream but this just made it worse, so for the last 3 years I have just used natural oils and creams. The I had a very strong calling to go to the Dead Sea, and to Petra. DH was in between jobs, so off we went, on our first holiday in 3 years. And we were going to luxuriate, at DH’s expensive teeeheee!!!! I am so blessed, and lucky to have such a generous husband. We stayed at the Marriott, and i cannot find anything to complain about. The staff, the rooms, everything was just perfect. And Mem and I are always so friendly with the staff in hotels, well every where really, and they love it. Most people, I guess, dont behave like this, but we love to laugh, and joke with them, so in turn, they are always so nice back. 
And did the Dead Sea heal? It burnt like crazy when I got in on day one, and I was practically in tears, I had never felt such pain, but I knew I had to go through this. So after 2 mins I got out, and ran to the nearest shower!!!  So daily routine was 3 dips in the Dead Sea, once applying the mud, and about 4 hours in the sun. On the first night, yes the first night, I slept through the night, for the first time in 4 fours years, without the burning and the itching...ahhh bliss. If I didnt meditate, I now realise that I would probably have gone mad with so much sleep depravation.....4 years worth....give me a crying baby any day!!!!!!!
So six days there, and my skin improved immensely. Yes people stared, so it was a huge test for me, but I remembered what it was like to be that judgmental, so I just smiled, and carried on with my sun bathing, and it was fine...really.

And then....da da daaaaan, we were on our way to the city of Petra. We had been put in contact with our Taxi Angel Feras, who was just a gem. So he took us to Wadi Rum en route, which was so beautiful, and full of rose pink sand, and huge mountains of stunning colours 

My calling to Petra had been sooooooo strong for the last year, so I was a very excited lady. I knew it would be a very powerful experience. We did a candle light Petra walk on the first night, and walking down the pat towards the Treasury, with high mountains either side. The it starts to narrow. It was just awesome. Then suddenly the Treasury appears, and I have no words to describe how I felt...a recalling of a time there in a past life, I dont know, but it was a sensation I have never experienced before, and it was overwhelming. And that night I had the most powerful visions, of the Earth’s rebirth, about my role in this life time...just amazing. I was unable to sleep for 3 nights after!!! And felt just so alive, and peaceful.....wonderful, wonderful. And my intuition, and healing power has strengthened so much, and the visions are just so powerful too. 

And then we headed to Amman, the capital, and stayed at the Sheraton, which was also amazing. Hubby was upgraded to a lush room, and we enjoyed. We went to Jerash, which was stunning.
I loved Jordan, and will be back. It is such a beautiful place, and I haver so much more to see, and feel. 



  1. Loved reading about your trip Rubes and your photo's are BRILLIANT. x

  2. Thank Fi. I took 642 had to filter it down xxxx