Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hey Fatty Boom Boom

What a week for me. Let me tell ya all about it
As many of you know, I help out at a club for the elderly every Friday. So last Friday, there were a couple of health workers who turned up to do blood pressure checks. I was running around, and that voice in my head kept telling me to get my bp checked. So once everyone was finished I sneaked over. 
‘Why are you getting your bp checked young lady hahahhaaa”
“ I havent had it checked for 6 months, so why not hahahaaaa”
Well the “haaaaaaahaaa” stopped pretty quickly when a shocked health worker told me my bp was very high. I was speechless. Shaken to the core. So she waited, and took it again. Still high. “you are one of the youngest here, and you have a high bp. You need to go and see your Doctor asap”
I was numb. I just couldn't understand why. I felt so well, so healthy, and so relaxed, the most I have ever felt in my life. How had I manifested this? I had a Health Check only last year, and the Doctor was so impressed with me. What had gone wrong? Ok I do not exercise at all, but I eat relatively well. I meditate. 
This was something huge for me. 
I have amazing people around me, who truly hold me at times like these. My darling niece Lamis came out of a medical lecture to answer my call. She is so calming. I trust her implicitly. My friends came over on the Saturday night for CDWM, and held me emotionally, offering advice on exercise, and really supporting me.  Other friends were sending me healing, I could feel it so.
I realised that I had to work on my physical. I havent worked out for about a 2 years. I used to so much, but I never lost a pound. Even my personal trainer called Mem because he didnt believe that I ate the way I had written about, in my food diary, because I wasnt shifting any weight. And he was working me. It got me thinking. Why was I holding onto this weight? So I started on my ‘journey’ and have forgotten about my physical, and this was a huge....slap and wake up girl. And I slumped. Big time. I was so upset. I spent Sunday in misery, really beating myself up. On Monday I meditated, and felt so much better. I really wasnt going to let this happen. I would heal this, and get fit, and that was my mantra until Wednesday

So on Wednesday, I trotted ( lol piggy stylee) off to the Docs. When he asked my what was wrong, he laughed and said “ you haven’t got high blood pressure. Look at you, so happy, and relaxed”!!!!
And he was right. My bp was normal. Apparently its not a good idea to get it check just after you have been running around!!!!! 
Phewwwwweeeeeeeeeeee. Such huge relief. And it got me thinking about all this health and fitness stuff again.

I have always been curvy, and now I am plump. I have alway worried about food, well up until last year, when I stopped. And the reason why I stopped was because I need to work on what was going on in my head, why did I have these blocks, these fears, that were preventing me from shifting bulk. I havent lost weight, and I haven’t put any on. I don’t sit around all day and am fairly active. Ok I ran for the train a few weeks back, and was breathless, but recovered very quickly. It got me thinking about this obsession with food that we have. How many fad diets, the high fibre diet, the cabbage diet, the Atkins diet, the Soup diet, the suck on your shoes diet, ok I made that one up, but isnt it just crazy????? I have friends that obseeeeesssss about food, and then gorge on it...”.no I cant eat this, no I cant eat that, OMG I just ate 30 bars of chocolate, and 50 loaves of bread”!!!!!!! If I tell myself that chocolate is bad for me, then isnt that what I will manifest, so as I eat it, I’ve already told my body thats it bad, so it will turn bad!!! And if its bad why am I eating it. Its like an addiction, of the worst kind because this’ drug’ is everywhere. And these same people have high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes now!!! Whats that all about? This is a work in progress. I will heal this body. I really do love me. I need to tweek my lifestyle a bit. Yes it would be healthier for me to loose weight, and be fitter. But, and this is a huuuuge BUT, I will not stress/obsess about food, no way no how.
I’m a happy fatty boom boom

Lamis and me

A happy Fatty me!!!!



  1. Sometimes when a woman is as beautiful as you are on the inside, it is a challenge to become that beautiful on the outside as well. Why? Because others are already intimidated by the wonderful, exuberant, successful, and gorgeous you. It is much easier for them to be with a wonderful, exuberant, successful, and gorgeous you, when you are a bit "imperfect" by being "well-rounded". Inside your heart knows it needs all these people in your life. You thrive on people. So, there is possibly a bit of doubt in you...."will they still love me" "will I still have all these wonderful friends" when I become truly all I can be. Well, that's what I believe keeps ME a fatty boom boom. lol I am working on that..... My new mantra is....

    Everything I eat makes me healthy and slim. Exercise comes easily, naturally, and comfortably to me. I allow myself to be all that I am and be slim and in shape as well. The good people in my life will still be there for me when I reach my goal weight.

  2. Debs you are so right. I have eliminated a lot of those people, and stay away from the ones who still give me that sense that they like that, in their eyes, I am imperfect. I feel empowered by the fact that I will be who I want to be, and look how I want to look. Love you gorgeous lady