Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Monday, 27 February 2012

...a wonderful night in.....

Come Dine With Me with friends
Second time around, and we have had a blast. Serious stuff all this, and yes we mark, and yes we all get a bit nervous, but ultimately it is so much fun
The first time round we decided to use the money (each time we meet up we chuck a tenner each into a kitty) to go on a girlie weekend, and we ended up in Christchurch Harbour Hotel, in Christchurch, Dorset Shireen had booked us into the Jetty Restaurant, run by Alex Aitkin. We had a wonderful table, and a lovely view of the kitchen. All night we were getting so much attention from Alex Aitkin, asking us if we enjoyed cooking, really spending so much time with us. The staff kept giving us huge smiles, which we all thought a bit odd, and put it down to the fact that we were a bunch of gorgeous ladies!!!. The food was just amazing. Every mouthful, just heavenly. At the end of the meal, one of the waitresses came over, and said
“so which episode of Come DIne With Me, were you in, because one of the cooks in the kitchen has seen all of them, and doesn't recognise any of you”!!!!!
“No we weren't on telly, we did it together, in each others houses, we are all friends”
Her face dropped, and she walked away, and we didn't see Alex Aitkin again either.
“Shireen what exactly did you tell them”
“They asked if it was a special occasion, and I said yes, we won Come DIne With Me”
We just could not stop laughing. It was hysterical. 

So on to this round. Gosh it always takes ages to complete because we are all so busy.  It is just a wonderful way to make sure that we get to see each other. I have know Shireen since I was 16, and the rest for nearly as long.  We adore the laughs, and heart felt chats, because we can be so honest, and true.
Comfy Castle
Sauf Landaaan
The Menu 
Tomato, Mint, and Lentil Soup
Chicken, Mushroom, and Leek Filo Pastry Pie, with Celeriac, and Sweet Potato Mash
Steamed Raspberry Pudding with Vanilla Custard
Sky Lanterns

Proper Laughs

And Heart Felt Chats


I love this pic 


  1. So good to know you are having these lovely times with good friends, Bina. <3