Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Chatty Catty

Every weekday morning, DH awakens at about 6am. 
I naturally too awaken at this time just to hear the interaction between him, and our cat Gizzi. 
It is just magical. 
They honour each other every day. 
Gizzi sits outside the shower while Mem is in there, and then talks to him when he comes out. Different levels of exquisite meows. 
Mem laughs so much. 
He sits at the top of the stairs while Mem gets dressed, and together they go downstairs. About 30 mins later Mem comes back upstairs, and following behind is Gizzi.  Another chat in the bathroom, while Mem runs the tap on the bidet for Gizzi to drink out of, before Mem heads off for work. 
I lie in bed listening with the hugest smile on my face, and I know Mem leaves for work with the hugest smile on his face. 
Gizzi is mine, for cuddles, and strokes until Mem arrives home in the evening, and then they are inseparable buddies again. So much love and affection. 


  1. Such love and companionship is a blessing and a gift. One we would not find easy to "order up". For how could we think up these relationships so special? (((((Gizzi)))))


    1. And I cant wait for you to get you darling puppy my love xxxxxx