Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Friday, 30 March 2012


Im getting ready to go away for a Crafty weekend, and just wanted to write a quickie.
I went to the petrol station yesterday, to fill up for todays journey. I never watch the news or read the papers. So, it is manic busy for a Thursday afternoon.....ok.....then I get to the check out, and the poor little indian man behind the counter is stressing, because he is on his own, and the card machine wasnt working, and its so busy. So I ask him why, and someone in the queue behind me says that every petrol station he has been to has been packed!!!!! So now Im thinking ...whats is going on....has Dec 21st 2012 madness started already....are people getting ready to drive to the mountains to stay safe, is there a flood on the way, or a big my mind is going crazy...well not crazy, but
“there going to be a strike love”
Me “oh really ....when?”
Ok so I must have looked completely shocked, and then started laughing, and everyone thought I was mad, but thats ok heeeeheeee.

So when Hubby came home, he gave me the low down. I didn't know about the petrol, postage or pastries......then he tells me he's going to buy a jerry can to fill up with petrol, and Im like, but you get a train to work.....dang the madness is infectious!!!!! 

I may try it at the Salon....wax shortage....please panic buy...Massage oil shortage...please panic buy!! I would make mahoosive amounts of money!!!
I am so glad I filled up, but only because I have a 2 hours drive, but paaaleeeese, if I run out of petrol, I run out. There are trains, and buses peeps.......calm down. I am so glad I will be holed up in a country hotel, away from it all!!!!
Anyway these pictures made me laugh, so enjoy

My badge for crafty weekend

Stay Loved, and Blessed....always 

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