Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Monday, 15 October 2012

Un momento de paz en España..........

Awaaaaa I wanna go back. It was soooo peaceful, and relaxing.

First time ever Mem and I have rented a Villa. We always do the luxury hotel resort type stuff. And I think after we did a wooden chalet in Cornwall a couple of years back, he was ready to give it a go. So I took the initiative and booked. Mem did all the “ how do you know its legit ” stuff because I booked directly with the owner, through Owners Direct, and of course it was all perfect. Ok we flew 'shove off shove on' airways but its only a 2 hours flight...he was ok to rough it!!!!

We booked Breizas House for 10 days. It was up in the mountains, overlooking  the village of Alcossebre, which is in between Valencia, and Barcelona. We hired a car, and it was an easy 1.30 min drive, very twisty and steep once you start the climb up to the Villa. I loved it, except when Mem though it was really funny to drive extra close to the edge...on my side one day....I didnt know I could still swear like that!!!!!

A beautiful Villa, and so so peaceful. William, the owner, was always very responsive with any queries via email, and is such a lovely person. 

Mem kept calling it the Eastbourne of Spain, but we both loved it. It was quiet, and very sleepy, just what we both needed. And it had the bestest eva Ice Cream shop...My Gelato...doughnut flavoured ice cream, in a chocolate cone.......slurrrrrp. The restaurants were all very nice, just dont go to Cheers in the Marina....yukky yuk. The beaches, and there are many within a reasonable driving time, were so clean, and quiet. It is a wonderful place to go to to just relax, and larger louts, no nosy bars...wonderful.

The Villa had a completely private pool, so we we able to sunbathe as we wanted....very liberating!!!!! And my skin loved clothes suits me LOL

We both really enjoyed the freedom of a Villa. Yes I know you don't get the daily clean up, and being waited on hand and foot, but we slept in for as long as we wanted, ate when we wanted, and just enjoyed the Mem said, no breakfast plate clattering to wake you up at 8am!!!!

It was nice just to spend time with each other, completely, on a one to one basis. I guess we should be so grateful that we can do this, and not argue the whole time!!!!!!!!! We saw Sun rises and Sun sets, ( yes his idea to hold the Sun in the pictures!!!), and talked, and laughed. I tried to get him to meditate.....and that was just so comical, but he tried, bless him

So the weather was pretty good to us, except the last couple of days, when it rained, and rained so we headed of the a Parrot Zoo. I know I am not a fan of caged up animals, but DH loves birds, so we went, to Peniscola, yes I know although I kept calling it Pensicola!!!!!

One the last night....gosh, the wind and the rain was so fierce. I loved extreme weather. 
It felt like the Villa was rocking. We had to closed all the shutters, and lit a fire....oooohhhhh sooooooo romantic. From our view point we could see the lightening in the distance over the was beautiful.

We drove home the next day, and came back to reports of horrendous floods in Spain that day, and 10 so sad. 

Enjoy the picks, and thank you for visiting xxx

Our little friend

My reading space...blisss

Sunset up by the old church

This one undid DH’s watch.....mugger bird!!!! 

Love the new bird hat!!!!

this one was eating my hair...yum!!!

The views from the Villa

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