Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Cards

Another day, another blog. OK I cheated yesterday, but I was at the Alchemy of Voice with my darling Stewart Bhai Jaan, and some amazing souls. I had just the most amazing vision whilst meditating, about fairies made from diamonds (yes I even have expensive taste in fairies), that kept changing colour while we were chanting, and then they all turned into little ‘mini me’s’ of all of us in the group.....amazing, and then there were pyramids, and rainbows......I want to live there forever. I may make a film of it one day!!!!!
So back to realiiitaay
On Saturday I started to create Christmas cards, with Martha Stewart punches, so here goes.......and as you can tell, I like simple, and white 

Stay loved, and blessed


  1. I'd love some of whatever you're on Rubes!
    Classy chrissy cards, the white theme is cool.

  2. Very pretty. Clean and simple just how I like them.
    I have a Martha Stewart snowflake punch and I love it
    Well done on your bloggy statistics

  3. Fiona. meditate..thats all it is hun xx