Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Monday, 16 April 2012


Had to hide in craft room while the Meminator (DH) watches the Verminator (Thomas Vermaelen) play football...honestly it’s a good thing Gizzi and I have strong hearts......cos when DH shouts on a goal score the whole house shakes....I sadly stayed seated, although contents of my dinner plate nearly ended up on the floor, and poor Gizzi, who was nicely snuggled on the foot stool, ended up bolting into the garden again!!!!
So I am going to blog....well obvs Roobs!!!!
Erm......where to start...oh yeah..Dinner with the In Laws on SIL cooks a mean roast, although I have completely gone off red meat, the chicken was yummy. And loads of laughs with the mad ones!!!!
Then on Tuesday my darling Diana came to Sauf London to spend the day with me....I loves easy going, genuinely enlightened soul. I remember how we met. It was about 6 years ago when DH was working at HSBC in Canary Wharf. I met him on a Friday night for a drink, with his office mateys. I was soooooooo bored (this was when I used to be sooo moody,and brattish!!!). They were all talking Mem comes over and asks me to meet his friends girlfriend who was also an ‘outsider’. He got one of my indian looks because I really didn't want to meet anyone!!!! Anyways I walked over to a small group, and there was Diana, and her hubby Tony, and their friend Wayne. And D and I just hit it, so weird. And we have been so close ever since. We dont get to see each other a lot, but it really doesn't matter. I just adore her. So we ate and talked, and she introduced me to more apps on my iphone hehe.....just wonderful.
And on Saturday, a dinner at ours with some more lovely friends. Steph, Bob, Nick, and Andy....the Kalkanites...because we all met in Kalkan 4 years ago. Again, I didn't want to talk to no one on holiday, and I did, and we have all been great friends since. Steph and I used to laugh because we are an odd mix, but we all get on so well. So on the menu was
Starter Tomato, Lentil, and Mint Soup
Main Salmon, Ginger, and Parsley Fishcakes served with Wasbi Mayo, sweet potato chips (oven roasted), and pan fried mushrooms, and courgettes
Desert White Chocolate mousse with mixed berries

Sadly Nick was really wasn't well, so he couldn't eat, but it meant so much to me that he still came. So we got him comfy on the sofa, with loads of water, because he thought it may be a kidney stone, and we ate. Then we chilled in the front room with him, and he was so much better by the time they left...bless him
And in case there wasn't enough chocolate, I served, with tea of coffee, Chocolate, Pistachio, and Almond bark, sprinkled with sea salt. I got this recipe from a girl I meet on a course recently.....the sea salt just makes such a difference. It was a lovely, relaxed evening.

And on Sunday, major chillage time. Mem has a history of kidney stones, and was really unwell on Wednesday. Luckily he didn't end up in hospital, and is keeping it all under control with anti biotics, and pain killers. So he rested and I created. Im getting more and more free with my creations, and more confident. I am not worrying about what anybody thinks, espech in my art journals, because that is my personal I inked, and painted, and stamped, and enjoyed....liberation time.

Oh and how can I forget....My darling Seher gave birth to a beautiful baba called Jonas. I just cannot wait to meet him tomorrow, and cuddle him, and sniff baby smells. And take Seher Chocolate Bark...she will enjoy, and may even share!!!!!

And I got more storage for my Craft room, and just stuffed it all in...I will pretty it up soon...solid oak for £95....bargain buckets

Oh and I redesigned my blog page...let me know what you think.
I think footie is nearly over, so I shall head back downstairs........
Love and Light
Da I think I prefer Roobs xxxx


  1. Great new look Roobs. Enjoyed seeing all your snaps, espech the grub! That chocolate bark looks bloody amazing.

  2. Hiya Roobs :) Love your bloggie and I've given you an award , see my blog for details :) xxx