Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Happy Bunny

I am such a happy bunny at the moment...yes even more so than usual. I have had a wonderful 2 days. Gifts from friends, a blog award and then a very different experience I am ultra, uber, smiley.
So on to today. I have this mantra at the moment.......Try Something New Each Day!! So Life is just so full of excitement for me right now. It doesn't have to cost anything, just try ,maybe a  different response to someone, or drive down a road you haven't driven down before....silly but different.
And today I went for a Sushi class, via Groupon. I have subscribed to emails from lots of different ‘dirt cheap deals’ sites, and so far have tried a sewing class, and today, this Sushi class. The sewing class was great, but I think the woman running it had just had enough of Groupon, so when I tried asking her about advance class she just didn't promote herself which was such a shame. Even the other people on the course said they would have gone back for more classes but she just wasn't interested in us!!!!
Today was so much fun. Yes I can eat Sushi, like I can eat chocolate..I adores it. But it is expensive, so why not learn eh?
The class was held in a restaurant in Richmond, and lasted for 2 hours. Richard, our teacher was so patient, and it was almost meditative the way he cut the raw fish, and presented the food. We learned about Sushi, Sashimi, Nigiri, and Maki. Its not about wolfing it down, its all about appreciating the flavours, and how you don't put the pickled ginger with the raw fish, only wasabi, and how to cleanse your palette in between eating the different courses with mooli (asian radish)...fascinating. And we rolled, and listened, and of course ate!!! Wonderful.
Although I put my big fat foot in it by asking Richard what his Japanese name was, as he was oriental, but of course he wasn't Japanese, he was chinese, and Richard was his real name!!!!!
And when I got home, I had to finish my first ever Scrap Layouts. I offered to do it as a gift for one of my students, to scrap her wedding picture, and her 50th anniversary picture. Boy.....I was so nervous. It is so hard to work like this for me. You really have to get into the ‘taste’ of the person. I couldn’t do anything really modern, or really colourful, of really ‘out there’. Anyway Im happy and DH likes them, and he would tell me if they were poop.
Enjoy the pictures

Don't be greedy and put in too much rice!!!

Nope not me..Richard made this.....

And this

First Layout da da daaaaa

My Fabby Friend Kirsty sent me talented

Much love
Im off for more adventures..oh wait...Im off to bed!!!!
Rooby xxxx


  1. I am so happy that you are so happy. Big hugs, my UK happy honey bunny.