Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Strange Mood Woman

Gosh, I have been in such a strange mood today. Woke up, completely fed up, with my skin, dreading the thought of doing mountains of paperwork, just feeling sorry for myself :-(
And I know what it is, which is different to how things used to be. I know its my ‘monthlys’ , and because I take EPO, I really dont get PMS anymore, just an odd mood for a couple of days...yes the raving banshee has disappeared. So I just had to get on with things. I procrastinated about the paperwork for about 2 hours, finding every excuse not to get on with it. I thought it best to go out, in the wind, to clear my head. DH had requested that I get him some Organic White Tea, yes, shock, horror. He likes proper builders tea, even thought he isnt a builder, you know, tea so strong you can stand a spoon in it. Some of his office colleagues have been drinking White Tea, and he likes it. If it was my suggestion, he would have poo pooed it!!!! 
So off I went daan to Sainsburys, with me wellies on, and ended up in the Pound store next door ( yes I got his tea first!!). Picked up some bits a bobs for my crafting, and was so inspired to do my first bit of propa journalling. I so want to keep a visual diary, and today was the day. So I came home  with renewed vigor, and smashed through the paper work, which really wasn't that much. Its amazing how we fool ourselves when we are in a poo bum (nicked from my God Daughter) took 1 hour to do!!!!!!
I thought about my skin, and this is what came through. For those of you who dont know, I have Psoriasis. I caught Chicken Pox 4 years ago, and it was triggered. I tried medication, and UV treatment, but nothing worked. So I treat it in a natural way. I use organic oils, and have lessened the amount of stress, well the stress hasn't lessened, I just dont dwell on it anymore. And it is so much better.

I love the textures on the pages. Rubber rings, and a cleaning cloth...came to good use. Oh and someone recommended Stewart Gill paints They are lush, so creamy, and rich. And I am left handed, hence why all the writing it tilted!!!!

I also found a wonderful flower tutorial on youtube, and made the flower from tumble dryer sheets. I dont have a tumble dryer..hate them, so I rinsed them out, dried them, sprayed with glimmer mist, cut into rough circles , and added glitter. I then used a snowflake punch for the middle and da daaaaaa, a vewy pwetty flaaar......yes thats how we say flower in the sauf of town.

So now I have eaten a meal of turkey meatloaf, made with cajun seasoning, and crushed new potatoes, and sweetcorn, and a nice cuppa chai, I am in a very content mood...see I just needed to be pushed about by the Wind....Nature is a glorious medicine
Namaste Beloved Ones

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  1. big (( hugs )) hoping today your having a better day with your skin. i really love your flower idea and i might give that one a go as i use tumble dryer sheets for dry embossing !! thank you for sharing your journal page xx