Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Yes to Nothingness

I have been one lazy pumba since yesterday. DH and I have been holed up in Comfy Castle, just enjoying nothingness!! Catching up on Sky+ recordings, and there are loads...we dont get to sit a watch TV very often, well we dont choose too very often, Ooooh I am in love with Touch on Sky, with yummy Kiefer Sutherland..just my type of programme.
And I slept till 11am today. Twas a Full Moon last night, and I was just so peaceful. Couldnt see it, as sky over London was covered in the fluffy grey stuff, but I did manage to get a beautiful piccy on my new cheapo Canon zoom ex always used to say that a good artist never blames his tools.......think he was right!!

And today, as I was feeling mucho blissful, I was inspired by some amazing artwork on Pinterest and created this little piece of gorgeousness. So off I go for a nice warm, scented bath, and more ‘nothingness’

Have a fantastic Easter break, enjoying everything you do
Love and Light
Roobs xx