Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Vision Books

Just had an ahaaaa moment. So the latest craze in crafting/art journalling are Smash books, and Junk books. Well I have a new one....Vision books.
Creative visualisation is such a powerful tool to manifest what you really, and truly want. How about we fill or books with pictures, and quotes for what we really want in life. By thinking of the good things we want, regularly, and subconsciously, we can create them. Tell yourself you are beautiful, loved, fortunate, etc, and then create them buy using your mind and your book. By thinking these things you will create a very positive energy, which will then take form into actual reality.
The best way is to take a quiet moment each day. Lie, or sit still, take some deep breathes. Work through you body, and relax each part, slowly. I do this by tensing each part, then letting it relax. Then visualise. Imagine enjoyable things, like your ideal home, loving partner, children, money falling on you ( I do that one a lot!!!), the perfect job, the body you want, and great health. Anything you want, deep deep down inside. This is your time, so be free, and remember nothing is impossible, so no conditions, just let your imagination run wild!!!! Remember the old reap what you sow...well sow some magic, and create
 Then put it into your Vision Book. Look at it every day, and keep adding. There are no rules. its all for YOU. And most importantly...BELIEVE, that what you want will be yours. Remember this is not about controlling any situation, its about creating what you want.

I am working on one excited
So lets see those magical manifestations begin.......
Love, health, happiness, and prosperity to YOU


  1. This is just beautiful, I really enjoyed reading this, and will try it myself. I have a few smash books, and am tempted to make my own too, perhaps this is the one I shall make :) Thank you for sharing, it made beautiful reading.

    Suzie xxx :)

    1. Fab Susie....let me know how it goes..and what manifests xxxxx