Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

She’s in such a crafty mood at the mo...just can’t get enough of it. I have been at it for about a week...constantly.......Any body want to buy a salon????
Anyway......some shock news...I came 4th in this round of Come Dine with Me LOL. I must admit, even I wasn’t happy with what I dished up, but I was really stressed because it was the day I got told I had high blood pressure. And I really believe that when you stress, it will show in your food. So thats my excuse!!!!  The lovely Farhat won, and deservedly so...her food was amazing. We all had a very nice evening, and I fell I love with her dog, Chrissy, a staf, and Chrissy feel in love with friendly, and kept wanting to hug up to me...awaaaaaa. We are going to use the money to have a lovely girlie weekend away, thank you so much Farhat for the kind donation...she got her hand on it momentarily!!!

Fab picture by Shireen

And they have noticed that I am so much calmer, and less stressed that I used to be. And these ladies have known me a long, long time. It is always scary, when you change, as you will lose friends, no doubt about it. But not good, true friends. They are the ones who will stand by your side, and embrace the changes., and really want to know how you did it. I feel very lucky to have them in my life.
The craft room got a good sorting out this week. I got a new shelf for my paints and inks. I love being able to see all the colours in front of inspiring. And I found some gorgeous indian fabric printing blocks. I’m going to have a play in my Art Journal, and will put up pictures.
 A lady called Tania, on a group on FB,  directed me to a site where they sell empty dvd cases. She was using them to stock her stamps...what a fab idea, so I got really organised!!!
And I covered a couple of notebooks I had lying around. Im really pleased with them. Thinking about starting up an etsy shop, so will keep you posted


Awaaaaaaaaaa I want to spend the rest of my life crafting. It is soooooooooo nice, and relaxing...and liberating, and.....ok I will shut up now.
Fanks for popping in.
(I’m so glad my Mother doesn't read my blogs..I would sooooo get told off for “fanks”!!!!!)


  1. oh my god how tidy is that, I wish my room looked like that>How long will it stay i wonder???? Ive got some indian wooden stamps too. They are very effective. Good crafting.

  2. Tina, it was a running joke for ages. I couldnt craft because i hated making a mess...Im cured now hehe xx

  3. WOW Roobs you're really on a roll, no wonder you wanna craft for the rest of your life.
    PS Can I join you?

  4. Fab organisation, can you come a sort me out now please?

  5. Wow! such a lovely tidy craft room :) I have just had a huge sort out of mine too, and have just uploaded pics to my blog too, if you'd like a peek, you'll find it here...
    Well done to your pal for winning Come dine with me, did you do it amongst yourselves? my sister has done that with her friends a few times :) or did you go on the TV? oh how exciting!!!
    Beutiful book cover too!
    Suzie xxx :)

  6. Thank you hun.i just looked at yours...tis lovely. No we did CDWM I amongst friends. This is the 3rd time I did it. I won the first time, came 2nd, the 2nd time..and you know the rest lol. So bust creating with paper, Im forgetting about creating with food xx

  7. Sorry that should say busy with crafting, although I could be bust with crafting too, if I didnt budget xxx