Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Hot Potato...the Movie

Finally I can publish the pictures of our amazing time in Brussels, on location in Bruges, and Gent. You can read my blog here, about the amazing time Mem and I had.

A British film, directed by Tim Lewiston, is based on a true story, about two men who found accidentally found some uranium in the 1960's. The story follows their attempts to sell it, dealing with some very dodgy characters, It is refreshingly funny, with no bad language, or scenes of a sexual nature. And it has a very unusual twist at the end, like The Italian Job. It stars Ray Winstone, Lois Winstone, Louise Rednapp, Colm Meaney, Jack Huston, David Harwood, and Derren Nesbitt. Ray Winstone plays a very different role. It is a wonderful film.  All the cast and crew were just so big heads anywhere!!!
Sadly, as with a lot of films, this one has gone straight to DVD, and hopefully it will do well...bloomin well better..the amount of money we put in, well not "we' but whats hubby's is mine!!!!!

Here is the trailer

And here are the pictures. Mem and I were extras, although you would blink and miss us!!!!! 

Behind the Directors Screen. 

You do not want to know why we were laughing so much.........the comments by the cast whilst this picture was being taken cannot be published!!!


Tim Lewiston

Jack Huston and I...he is yum!!!

Derren Nesbitt

Lois Winstone, who was just so lovely, and remembered our names every morning..bless

On location in Sauf Laaandaan, with David Harwood

We took my brother, and our friend Hardly with us one day!!!

We have a piece of this wall signed by Ray Winstone, and Tim Lewiston......worth dollars one day....everything crossed!!!!

And some pics of the first official screening

The Official film script, in our hands!!

Namaste xxx


  1. Like the guy, he was in Homeless with Damien Lewis?

  2. Fantastic film!!! And never new ray and such a beautiful daughter and she can act! Theres a new winstone in town.