Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Street Name...Ranksy!!!

I is only joking innit......mind you......
All in honor of my faaab Sunday, taking a graffiti class at Graffik Gallery in London’s hip and trendy Portobello Rd. This road has been hip and trendy for the longest time, even all those years ago when I was 18, it was hip and trendy. Going back there brought back memories of my darling friend Henry, who has a flat near there, gosh we used to party there all the time.  Movin and a groovin at the Carnival with Norman Jay when I was in my 20‘s. My first Beauty Therapist Job was near there too. And it still has the same laid back, crazy vibe. Love it!!!
For the history of graffiti you can go here Im not going to pretend to know loads about it. I see it around London, and lately in Art galleries, and I really like it, its controversial, it is personal, it questions, it is beautiful to look at..thats it
Our teacher for the 2 hour session was Carleen De Sozer She was such a dream. So friendly, so helpful, so patient, and so very talented.
So I set about deciding on my design, and I used a face image I had drawn a few weeks back.  Once I had drawn the face, Carleen then when over it with a black marker to show me where to cut, thus producing a stencil. Then it was deciding on colours, but no rules and creating is very very free. Then I set about with the spray paint, and dealt well with the inky fingers, and inky I didnt wear a mask, like Carleen advised!!!!!
So this is what I produced, and I love them both. Ok the hair does look like a helmet,'s my first time...basicaaally!!!!! So I shall be going back for more lessons....better buy a balaclava for secret graffiti missions at night...whaaaaat I may be famous one day.....pwhahahahaha!!!!!

Last week I took my darling Soul Sister Diana to Handmade Bodycare for a her very early birthday present. We were on a Soap making class. All natural, with no naaaahhsty preservatives, and harsh chemicals, just natural essential oils, and ingredients. We made Rose, and Coconut, and Lemongrass, and Rosemarie.........the soaps look edible dont they??

And here is a gorgeous birthday card from my little bro, Amer. He is so sweet...”sorry Sis, I couldn’t find a bad picture of you”!!!!!!! And yes that is George Michael........

And a gorgeous birthday cake from my SIL Nurgan

And this lovely present from my SIL Gulcan......takes my breathe away when I look at it. like I owned it before......

And to end on......

A miracle is God bending the Universal Law, in an intimate way, just for you.........

May many miracles come you way

Namaste, Amin, Amen xxxx


  1. Rubbbbbina! Such colour and life you bring into my day... pretty much everyday! ;) Love you jaan. Laleema xx

  2. i want an original ranksy! oh and i want to go to graffiti class so that i can be vanksy!!! love yoooou!