Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Sunday, 22 July 2012

ikea, ikea, ikea

My most fav day to go to ikea is never a Sunday, because the whole world, and its dog go. But I had to. Needed cheap mugs for mug painting!!!
And luck was on my side. Because today was probably the warmest day sine 1978 (jokes) there was hardly anyone there, ok when I say hardly, I mean maybe half a million people instead of a million!!!
But as I went up the escaliatior ( I know but that how I say it), there was a child, about three years old, trying to come down!!!!! I grabbed him, so shocked, and shouted for his parents. Nothing. Everyone just looked at me blankly!!!! Ok and this is when you get worried. Do I take his hand and try to find someone, or will I be in trouble for trying to abduct him!!!!! Then he was gone, down the stairs at the side of the escalator. So I run down, past him, and informed a staff member. Then other people started telling me that he was playing by the outside doors, and short while before, and had been on his own for a long time. ......HELLO?????....why was I the only one that was concerned???? And all this while he was up the escalator, and down the stairs. I was so worried he would fall...he was a toddler. Aaaaanyway as I went back up there was a staff member with him. She asked him where Mummy was, and he walked towards the restaurant. Mummy was sitting right at the back, rocking a pram, with another child in it, without a care in the world. She just laughed when she saw him, and as he ran off again she just didnt care. The staff member had to grab him back!!!! 
So I will not even try to understand. I was just sooo shocked. I am not going to judge her, but anyone could have taken that child, he could have fallen down the escalator and seriously hurt himself.......had Mummy just had enough??????
So I just gave loads of love and healing to the situation, and went off looking for mugs, which I found for 60p each....bargain buckets. I am volunteering all week, for the Friendly Club. They are having loads of activities this week to celebrate the Olympics, so I thought I would help out, and Mug Painting (no not my mug hehe!!) is one of them.
And ikea has launched a whole range of stationary...we are talking washi tape, paper ribbons, note books, journals, stickers, post it notes.......I nearly crashed me trolley......really stylish stuff..check it out

Oh and I did 2 more journalling pages...check me out!!!

and took these amazing pics in the garden at 6am this morning....loving the Orbs

Could this be Archangel Zadkiel, on the bottom right???

Enjoy the Sun, and relish the heat


  1. Well, beautiful finds ... :) I don't get parents who let their children run wild in public places ... and one so young at that ... but what can you do?
    Love the pages as well!!!

  2. You cannot do anything, but wonder at how parents can behave like this. Thank you for the lovely comment xx

  3. I feel just the same about the (mainly) young mums who are pushing their child along and continuously either texting or speaking on their mobile phones. Don't they know that speaking to their child is one of the most important things they can do. Sorry, could rant for ages on this topic. Will stop now! EmmG x

  4. PS - Sorry got carried away there, I also went to IKEA last week and marveled at the new range of papers, stickers, ribbons, paper ribbons, tape etc etc. Managed not to buy it all. Well worth a look folks. EmG

  5. Oh Emm so could I , but thats just how it is. xxx