Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Friday, 20 July 2012

Journalling Bliss Times

OMG....well this week has been very creative. I have managed a page a day in the Art Journal Book. Inspiration has been very forthcoming, so I have gone with the flow. And I really like my new A4 sketch book from Rymans, good sturdy pages for splodging, and spraying.....maybe thats it..all I needed was a new book!!!!

I have found the need to be very still this week., or Lala-ing as my dear friend Robert called it. Just taking each day as it arrives, and I have been really appreciating everything. I am in love with this peace, and joy, and am so thankful that I can just be. I am eating really well, doing exercise classes, and meditating. 
I am so looking forward to a new path in my life, and am amazed at the true miracles that are taking place. 
This morning I woke up, and gave thanks to the tea I drank, and the gluten free bread I ate, I thanked the trees that line nearly every street on my drive to the Gym, I thanked my body for doing the Pilates class.......its just so much better than moaning, and living in!!!!!
My darling soul sister Laleema came over for lunch on Wednesday. She is a healer, and does readings, and is so insightful, and tuned in.  I’m just so grateful to know her. So we ate bowls of Spelt Pasta with Veg, which was really tasty. And then tucked into a Banana and Coconut cake that Mem had made. She fell in love with my garden/park.....”ohhhhh how great would it be to get a Tipee, and do meditation sessions in the garden” thats a mission for the future. Ohhh and she doing the Salon website for me talented!!
Aaaaaanyways, I am heading off to a warm bath, and Snatum Kaur.
Stay blessed and Loved

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  1. Gorgeous looking pages, so much colour and texture. Your journal looks fab.