Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Scrappy Arty, Arty Scrappy

I am such a lazy bones…actually I am not, but how long has it been since I updated my blog.

Soooo much has been going on, and its like whoosh whoosh the changes!!!!. The stars, and planets have a lot to answer for!!

Yet there is so much peace, and heart felt happiness, and so much gratitude, for all that is going on. 

I have embarked on a new journey, an Intuitive Heart Therapist. Will write more about that in another blog, but if you wish to connect, and ask more, please feel free.

So back to my scrappy arty stuff. Have been busy releasing, and creating.

Just back from a another fantastic Scrapagogo weekend. I really so not scrap enough, so this yearly meet up is great for me. And Janice, and her team do an amazing job of making us enjoy every moment. The choice of classes was so good this year that I literally wrote “dont mind” for most of my class requests. There were only 2 that I really really wanted to do, and I got to do them. Working with beetroot juice was interesting too!!! ( the heart layout). And 143 is code for I Love You. I learnt so much. And it was great to see a shop set up by the lovely ladies from Sarah Cards. I loved it even though my purse didn’t. Stocked to the brim with yummio crafty stuff. It was so hard to stick to my budget!!

Here are my layouts

And I have been getting arty too. Loving scraps of cards board layered with book pages, and gesso, to paint on. So liberating, and of course I adore bright bright colours

                             Thank you for looking, and stay blessed and loved 


  1. Looking good Rubina, so glad you enjoyed the classes xx


  2. I recognise those layouts! Lovely reminder of the weekend.