Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Monday, 28 April 2014

My Funky Brother

Its been a lovely couple of weeks. Went away with some girlies for a retreat in the Cotworlds.  It was lovely.

And we got a new kitty...Harley...ooommmgg I am just so in Looooove. 

When Gizzi passed I had a dream a couple of night later, that he was coming back, as it had been such an incredible time...I know, so weird. Gizzi, and Tigger were high five-ing each other, and so want to be in my head, I know lol. I knew that one day the Angels would guide me to him, somehow. Well it happened. I prayed to the Angels, went on the net, found Dazzle Bengals, called them, and Harley was the last one left, of a litter of 5. Mem went to meet him, and fell in love. He came home last Thursday, and already, so much of how he is, is so similar to Gizzi, and Tigger. He is chatty, affectionate, and so so playful. There is so much laughter in Comfy Castle

So last night my eldest brother, Shahid, 55 years old, made an appearance on ITV2, on Viral Tap. 

When he told me earlier on in the day, I was mortified that he was going to do something really embarrassing, but no, its was hilare. He is just so so funny, and so young at heart

I didn't realise he does this whole thing on a Saturday night, at his takeaway, Shalamar in Clapham Common, to entertain the late night clubbers, and pub go-ers….they love him. 

May need to manage him now, so many will want him for pop

Here are a couple of videos for you to enjoy

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