Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Blog

Happy 3rd Birthday My darling Blog

Ohhh how I have neglected you..I is so uncaring!

Yes 3 years, and 23237 hits later!

And oh how things have changed?

About to sell the Salon, and on to new adventures, but no idea what yet. I just want to know what it feels like not to own a shop. I was a mere 27 years young when I got it, so 21 years. I just wanted to know what its like to have no expectations, no goals, just to surrender, and see what comes to me.

Yes I have already had some amazing offers of work, and am pondering. The Heart healing work is going well, and so so powerful. My clients have been giving me amazing feedback. It really is changing their lives. No credit to me, it is all their hard work. When you release the shite, you make room for Divine/Universe to flow through you, and you become abundant in so many ways.

All I do know is that I will not work for a company, in an office..noooooowayyyyy nooooo how. I didn't want to do it when I was 15, and I certainly do not want to do it now. No judgment, but I am no an office girlie. 

DH just said “ I bet you end up in an office”!!!! lol

I went to Eileen Godwin’s class last Saturday, and played around. It is so hard to craft at home with Harley, the mad Bengal,  although he is so lovable, and affectionate

Of course I had a blast. Eileen really is the nicest person in the Craft world, real, honest, and ooohhhh so talented. So of course the people she surrounds herself with are also oooohh so lovely. Laughs, Craft, and cake munching...just what I needed.


  1. O my word .. what a lot is going on in your life ... keep me up to date with your adventures! I'm so happy that you are happy .. yeah .. stay away from an office! ... Thank for for the lovely words about me ! I love you xxxxxxx
    BTW .. Cards are flippin brilliant and congratulations on three blogging years x
    Eileen . your number 1 Earth Angel! xxx