Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Monday, 10 February 2014

Lots of Art Journalling

Its been fun.

I am a lot more confident to do just play around, and leave it, then come back to it. Its my stuff, pieces of me, on the pages. 

Here’s some pages, and they are bright!

On Sunday I went to one of Eileen Godwin’s Art Journaling classes We were supposed to be playing with the Gelli plate, but then she has brought along some mirrors with she had altered in Karens class. You can find out more about the technique here, on Karens blog I must admit, I really didn't like the mirrors when I saw them, because they looked dull, but in reality they looked very bright, and shiny. So we all decided to do a journal page using the same technique, without the tarmac lol. We used Inka Gold Paints with give an amazing metallic effect. You don't really see it until you start buffing, then it really shines. I am going to be covering boxes, and mirrors now!!! Ohh soooo much fun, and of course, as you all know I absolutely adore Eileen, so spending time with her, and her lovely buddies is just bliss. 

And here are some pictures from a trip to Eastbourne. I really do not like going into Arcades, but DH does, so I kept myself occupied with my camera, and the ‘toy effect’ lens. Luckily he got bored after 5 minutes!!

We had a room right on the sea front. It was one of the windiest days so far this year. DH didn't sleep a wink, but I slept so well. The sound of the crashing, bashing waves, and howling, whistling wind, was so soothing to me. The sound of the poring rain just added to the elemental symphony.

Thank you for visiting. Stay blessed


  1. Fantastic pages ... just love this post so very uplifting and colourful ... thanks my ..darlin!!!!
    Eileen xx

  2. Loving these wonderful bright creations, thank you for sharing my link, looking forward to seeing you very much! :-) hugs xxx

    1. Looking forward to meeting you too