Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Friday, 4 October 2013

Abundance Cheques

Happy New Moon Everyone
Wow the build up to this one has been so so challenging. I have been feeling so so tired. Yesterday I didnt get out of my PJ's until 4pm!!! And I feel like I am waiting for exam results, where I know I have done really well, but just need confirmation in writing!! Such an odd feeling, yet so so exciting. I feel like I am being rewired for the increased and improved flow of energy. And so much is changing. Yayyyyy and Yawwwwn!!!
Tonight we have  the most powerful New Moon of theYear, so a very cleansing one, with deep transformations going on so that we can awaken our deepest wants and needs. Prepare for huge  changes. Situations, and relationships which are not serving your highest good will fall away. This will make a pathway to create a beautiful new, and better life. 
Be true to yourself. Everything you want is possible. There are no limits. You deserve it all. Remember you really are the Master of creating your perfect life. And remember you are always Divinely supported and protected. There are 1000's of Angels all around you.....ask for their help.
And always move in a place of Love, Compassion, and Grace
So, a few months back someone posted about Abundance cheques on FB. I came across something again yesterday so decided to share. I am so going to try this. You can do a new one each month. I am going to burn some Californian Sage, cleanse with sound, with my Tibetan bowl, and write my cheque. Do whatever you feel, and please please let me know when something happens, because according to online reports, this does.
Abundance cheques are a tool we can use to create more abundance in our lives. They are written within 24 hours after a New Moon, in daylight hours
The Law of Abundance tells us that the Universe is plentiful and is willing to share with us all its riches so long we are prepared to receive it. And you will be amazed at the results, as you will see increased abundance in your life, in some life area. It is not always financial, but certainly in an area that you need. 
This is how you do them.
1. During daylight hours within 24 hours after a New Moon, take a cheque from your check book. Where it says "Pay to," write your name. If you dont have a cheque book, just write make up your own. Remember it is your intention that matters not what your how you do it
2. In the little box on the same line where you would fill in an amount write "Paid in full."
3. On the line underneath your name, where you would write out the amount, write "Paid in full." 
4. Sign the cheque: "The Law of Abundance"
Do not put a date on the cheque. Do not write a specific amount in the check. Put it in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take it from there.
you can print this one out

At the next New Moon, take it out, tear it up, or burn it, and write a new one
Get Happy Manifesting Abundance
A few positive quotes

Namaste, Salam, Stay Blessed


  1. thank you for sharing this Ruby. the navratri ie nine nights of goddess festival begins here from tomorrow. this is so apt.

  2. Thank you for letting me know. I feel this is such a powerful time. let me know what manifests from your Abundance Cheque

  3. I love the idea of Abundance Cheques! Thanks for sharing. xo