Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Monday, 23 September 2013

One Wedding, and a Trip to the Cotswolds

I’m sooo sorry, it has been toooo long since I blogged

So so busy doing, being, doing, being

I have been having such a lovely time. My gawjuss friend Kirsty has been staying with me 2 days a week. And we have been having such a fab girlie time....crafting, watching Great British Bake Off, snuggled on Cloud Bed, and cooking together. She is just so easy to be with

Went to my cousins wedding in Manchester...what a laugh. And it had been toooo long since I dressed in native clothing. I always hated going to wedding with my parents as a child, and young lady. Mum and Dad had this friend who was really not very nice to know one of those typical asian mothers who thought her daughters were gorgeous, and that I was “too boyish, and too fat”!! Mum and Dad were always too polite to say anything to her, when she made comments. But it really affected me. Going to this wedding was so so important for me. It was a kind of affirmation of ME, that I am so finally ok with me, as I am. This was the first time that I really embraced who I was. I felt so beautiful, and it showed because everyone kept telling me that I was glowing in the pictures. And it really didnt matter what anyone else thought. I walked tall that day. Oh and I took some amazing pictures.

My brothers, and I, and my niece Louise, and I

And to my Mums friends daughters, yeah, who has more wrinkles now eh?..LOL

Then Mems and I went away with the Wales gang. Off we went to the Cotswolds, to a hotel called The Bear, in Rodborough. And there were cows, and calves, all roaming around freely on Minchinhampton Common. I was amazed. Honeslty they looked so happy, and I prayed, and prayed that one day..pleeeease, that all animals would be this free, and happy. And yes it was hard to watch DH eat a steak at dinner, and ask if it was one of the cows on the Common!!!! We ate, and laughed, and I even had a glass of wine! The Cotswolds are so beautiful, and so very Royal. We ate at the Ragged Cot, where Princess Anne enjoys a munch or two apparently!! And visited the Highgrove shop too

Aaand someone has been coping the images of my work, and putting them on pinterest, without my consent...had to get that reported!!..libeeerties!!

And breathe.....

And create...

I got this lovely OM stencil from Creatively Fit. I painted, and glittered, and created this little beauty. 8 x 8 canvas. Friends often ask me if I sell my work, so I shall start with these. I can do them in any colour way, just ask. An 8 x 8 will cost £10

ohh and little Goddess I created...she's peaceful isnt she?

Well I had better get myself another career because I have decided to sell the salon. It has been an amazing 20 years.....gosh, I was 27, newly divorced, heart broken, no self esteem, recovering from a violent marriage, and thought it a good idea to set up Mother Earth. I have had a ball. The stories I could tell!! Yet it is time to move onto other adventures, and let this baby go. Such a tough decision  but I know its the right one. 

So enjoy, and thank you so much for visiting.



  1. Fabulous photo's Rubina and good luck with your career change.

  2. I am so glad to have found your blog and read this post. One, I love the Cotswolds and your photo of the cows grazing in the field along a narrow winding road captivated me so I read your post (which I often do not do). I wanted to see where that photo was taken. Success, and the Cotswolds, of course! But then I also read about your aversion to people pinning your photos to pinterest (a no-no for you). I hadn't seen anything on your blog about not pinning photos and alas! I had pinned one of your photos with a link to your blog as I always try to do. I wanted to let you know that I've deleted that pin and will avoid pinning your lovely photos in the future. Many good wishes for your exciting career change - wherever it may lead you. I hope it leads you to a life of creating art! xo

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Gale

      Thank you for your comment. I am so glad you like my pictures. Please go ahead and pin them, as long as people know they came from this blog. Someone took a picture from here, and put it on an Art Journalling blog, and no one knew where it can from. This has been changed so my deers are on there. Much Love and Light xx