Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Powerful Energies

Ohhhhhhhhh ok so I spent 5 days getting 4 hours sleep only..yes I am a lover of 8 hours, with  little moments of waking up, but gosh 4 hours....and not worried, just not tired. Its like 4 hours was enough. I know..right?

And then today I go for a Colonic..sorry......but it has help my skin so much, and Ursula is just wonderful, (I have stopped dairy, and wheat) and I can home a slept for 3 hours, and want to go back to bed again.....huuuuuuuuuge clearing......emotionally, apart from physically. 

Our stuff is coming up guys. So many people are dealing with so much right now. We need to rid ourselves of the scripts and stories, that just keep us tied into our emotional pain. It is just so powerful right now....yes I know you can feel it to. Don't ignore it, because it will just get more intense.

So here is the link to Ho O Pono Pono on the 8th-9th September......I was in tears with the last group. They were just such brave souls.....come and just let it go, and enjoy the clarity of a less stressed life..just read what they said

Some art work..I know its all very different...dreamy to scary!!!

Stay blessed and loved..always....

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