Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Goddess Pilgrimage

God be in my head
    and in my understanding
God be in mine eyes
   and in my looking
God be in my mouth
   and in my speaking
God be in my heart
   and in my thinking
God be at mine end
   and at my departing

Sarum Primer 1558

If you choose to replace God, in the above prayer, with Allah, Divine, Buddha, it is such a Universal, and beautiful prayer.

Amaaaaazing, magical time in Avebury Salisbury, and Glastonbury.

I knew I had to be in that area for the 13th August. For huge clearing, and healing
I went with darling intuitive Soul Sister Laleema, the only one who would take me on this journey. She has so much knowledge, and love, and huge energy. Me loves her lots and lots

We went to the blessed stone formation at Avebury

The stone on the left like me very muchly...and showered me with warning loving light of rose pink, speckled with tiny fushia orbs...thank you

We found and healed in a Crop circle

I marveled at the huge structure that is Salisbury Cathedral, and found dragon called Gilbert!!

We washed away our negativity in the Chalice Well, and its cold cold waters. Bless you

And we  rekindled our Inner Goddess at Glastonbury

And I photographed doors and windows.........because our physical doors and windows are all different...enter, and you shall find Souls of pure Love...because Love is all there truly is



  1. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful places and pics. I can feel the healing all the way across the ocean! Laleema seems to be quite the radiant Goddess....just like you! Big hugs.

  2. WoW Fabulous!! Love the Joy on your face xx

  3. Debs i knew you would enjoy it xxx

  4. Sheilagh, thank you...I am still so joyous xx