Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ho O Pono Pono, Changed my life

Ho O Pono Pono, is an ancient Hawaiian technique to help to release blockages, resistance, and improve energy flow.
This is done by firstly accepting that we are 100% responsible for what happens to us, and what we do to others, no more blaming anyone, no more saying it come from outside, and accepting that it comes from within, that we are bringing these situations into our lives, to teach us something about ourselves. and then releasing the ‘anchors’ that hold us in those   negative thought patterns, that we repeat over and over again, until we finally let go, or in some cases, we just never let go of. Whaaaat I can hear some of you say, and if just this has released anger, then You will need to work out why it has angered you, and doing the class would be great. But you may still need your ‘script’ because it is ‘easier’ and thats YOUR choice beloved one.
Ok lets carry on. I did this class with Robert Berman about 2 years ago, in Glastonbury. I was in a phase of my life, where the guidance was getting stronger, so I would literally go where I felt guided to, and thats how I ended up in Roberts Class. I had already done a few sessions of Past Life regression, so thought I was complete in my spiritual journey...oh such a novice.....its layers, and layers,and this was another layer to get through. And I only know that now!!!
So there I was in this class, and I really didn’t have a clue what it was about, apart from ‘releasing my Anchors’!!!!
Robert has such a calming, and light energy, so I immediately warmed to him. So there he was explaining about Anchors, and releasing them, and that we needed to write down a list of people who had upset us, as far back as we could remember, and how what they did to us made us feel. I remember sitting there, and telling Robert that I was at peace with everyone......hahahahaaaaaa how wrong was I.
So I sat there, and started writing about who had upset me, and whooooosh, out it all came. Im not going into the details because I have let it go, but my main anchor was anger. It was hard going back to those moments, with family, and friends, where I felt rejection, unsupported, and angry. So we wrote and wrote, and cried, and wrote. Robert spoke to us all the time, and everything he said resonated so much. He then explained about Ho O Pono Pono
Im Sorry 
Please Forgive
I Love You
Thank You
We are beings of Love. That is our path, our destination, our freedom. When you love everyone, and everything, freedom and peace reign. Don’t get me wrong, Im not talking about lying down, and letting every one tread on you, and take advantage. Or allowing other people to give you YOUR value. No I’m talking about knowing how to release those people from your life, learning what lesson they are teaching you, and then loving them for teaching you. With some it will be difficult, especially if you have a long, and close connection, but just keep saying Ho O Pono Pono, and they will either change towards you, or move away. Since I have been doing it, I have had some true Earth Angels come into my life, and I truly cherish them. 
I do not want to hurt you, and upset you. I will always be kind, and thoughtful. I will give you my love unconditionally. I will speak my heart truth. And if you chose to abuse, I will not worry, because I have an endless supply of love 
I still have more to learn. So much manifested for me after doing the class with dear Robert, and continues to do so...bliss, bliss, bliss times abound. And that is why Im doing the class again. Please see link below if you want to manifest harmony, and love, in your life

Every time we are in a situation, and I even do it when someone upset me on the roads, (yes I had a huge issue with road rage!!!!!), I alway say this. I used to use it so much, and as time has gone on, I use it less, and less, because I am always learning from it. yes I have had to say goodbye to some very draining friendships, and pull away from certain family members, but I have no hate or anger, only love for then.
We are here to learn discernment, and remove all veils of illusion. 
On the Sunday we all got our pages that we had written on, and tore them up, with love, and put them into a huge bowl filled with rose petals, and released them in the Chalice Well. It was just such a huge letting go, and I just felt so light, and free, although really, I cannot completely describe it in words...elated, ecstatic????
And afterwards, we all took it in turns to stand in the middle of a circle, with all of us, and say out loud, the World we want to see. Mine was a place were everyone is joyous, and full of love ( I think there may have been a mention of Peter Pan, and fairies too!!!), Where we all realise the God/Goddess within, and where Mother Father God watches over us, a place filled with love, light, and peace, because after all, what is with in, is outside of us, thats where true peace begins.
And that, my wonderful, blessed friends, is why I am so happy, and free, and all loved up. This class truly changed my life
Magical Manifestations can be yours for 2012, and for ever after.
Rubina xx

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