Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Magical Manifestations for 2012

Wow what a year 2011 has been. I have been on such an adventure, and it has been amazing.
Christmas this year was just one of the best. DH and I went on on a date for the first time in ages. And yes we laughed, and ate, and enjoyed being together. Then being asked to Kitty Sit the most gorgeous kitty, called Simba, for out friends Audrey, and Hardly. Simba was such a joy, and knowing that their beautiful children would be surprised with their new present made it all the more special.
Then to Christmas Day. DH and I always hide, and spend it in our own, but this year was different. We were going to his sisters. Ayse, to celebrate with the rest of his family. They get together every year. Yes, I was a bit nervous, would we want to escape????Noooooooooowayyyyyyy. This year was a slightly smaller gathering of 24 ( thats immediate family)!!!! Yes DH has a large family. We both had such a laugh. His sisters, Ayse, Nurgan, Gulgan, Andrew his brother in law, nieces, and nephews are just so funny, in a mad and crazy way, and I love it ....a laugh every minute. We ate gorgeous food, played games, and relaxed.....wonderful. And the Secret Santa was so much fun. I got DHs sister Nurgan, so I made up a pamper box, filed with loads of yummies. She loved it

Pamper Box


Friday Friendly Club Xmas Lunch

 On Boxing Day we chilled out...bliss
On the 27th we meet up with our lovely friends, who we met 4 years ago in Turkey, and have remained very close. We dined in Cote, in Soho. the last time DH and I were there was after a private screening of a film we had invested in, and Catherine Murino was there too!!!!

And so to my amazing year. I complete a course of Alchemy Of Voice, with the beautiful Stewart Pearce (my brother) which truly changed my life. 

I have met some gorgeous souls, both virtually and physically. Meeting Kirsty Wiseman, who I feel I have known for years, and Ania, my soul sister. And of course Debs from Florida, my virtual friend, and also my soul sister. I will meet her in 2012. 

Celebrated Jackie 30th, Stephanies 60th, Anns 50th, Antonys 40th, and DHs 50th.  
Saw Dr Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, Snatum Kaur, and Maya Fiennes LIVE. 
Enjoyed a round of Come Dine with Me, with my girls, volunteered for the NSPCC, and the Friday Friendly Club. BBC proms was amazing. And started enquires re adoption. I took up Photography., and after a lot of requests, started this blog...I could go on and on. 

Memorable Pics

Meeting Jane Anisa, and Paulette

Getting a Hug from Amma

HA Rrods Day out with Mazzy and Lools

Yeahhhh finished craft room

 Stephs 60th

 Antonys 50th

 Anns 50th

 Meeting Lools

And the Royal Wedding

Yes the year had its challenges, but I will not remember them. Instead I will be thankful for them, and let them go. They have made me embrace my life, just the way it is. They have given me the strength to say no more!!
So onto 2012. I am so excited. Adoption, and the release of our film. I am going to knock this tired body into action, and get more creative. And who knows what else I will be thanking the Universe for this time next year

So may I take the time to thank you, for you, and your love and support. You are amazing. My wish is for your lives to be filled with magical manifestations for 2012. And when they do, please let me know. All that you wish for is RIGHT HERE, just believe that you truly deserve it. This is no such thing a scarcity. Abundance is yours.



  1. What a lovely post Roobs! Happy new year to you lovely lady - I hope 2012 brings everything you wish for xxxx

  2. Wonderbar...wish you forever happy years to come and best wishes from all of us.

  3. What a busy bee you've been.
    I have great feelings about 2012 and I don't know why.
    I for one am looking forward to new challenges and starting a new decade in my life
    With love

  4. My Dear Rubina, thank you for the wishes and your precious love. I can already share some magical manifestations. One of the most important ones is meeting YOU. Thanks for being part of my life, amazing laughter and the spark of life that you bring with your presence. Love YOU xxxxxxx

  5. You have been a calming influence in my life. The moment I met you, I knew you were uber spesh. I'm dreadfully sorry that the past 12 weeks gave been quiet this end. The only way to explain it is that I should adopt the Ho O Pono Pono in my life and fast x

  6. Ania
    My darling....pure bliss to know you

  7. Loola, you know our friendship has no conditions to it. You are a dear friend, and thats how it will always be. You know that when we speak it will be like it was yesterday. I lubs ya hun xxxx