Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Little wordage...loadsa pics

So as you know I haven't blogged for a gazillion years..and I have done so much so here is a pictorial of the past few weeks...with a few descriptions...has been soooo much fun...

Blessing the River Thames with Dr Emoto, with my brother Robert....Thames River was happy with Oming

I pray for Peace in Tibet

Went to an event for the launch of the film by Leon Stuparich, called Road to Peace. A beautiful behind the scenes film of HH the Dalai Lama...I have watched it 3 times since....and I'm still so touched by the joy and happiness His Holiness exudes.
You can get the film here on DVD

I met Bob the Cat


 On a clear sunny day..I think it was the first of the year, Mem and I went up the Shard, and viewed Laaandaan from above...well as above as we could get! Then had lunch at Borough Market

I did a workshop with the beautiful Earth Angel Eileen Godwin, in a church hall, near the sea, and had such fun

I made sum arty stuff

And went to my first Tea Party of the year, with Janerrr, JJ, and cake maker extrodinare..Paulette. We celebrated, ate yummy cake, and sammies....ohh and drank bubbley bubbles

Hope you enjoyed.....stay blessed and Loved xx


  1. I loved every picture .... I adored the happy 'feeling' that I felt as I followed all of your adventures .. I wanted so much to eat the cakes! and I was overjoyed to be called an 'earth angel' ... Love you ... thank you xxxxx
    E xxxx

  2. hi Rooby-it was lovely to meet you at the workshop. Hope you come again! What a lovely selection of photos to illustrate your "journeys in life"
    Barbara xx