Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Long time since me never blog!!

I know, but I have been a busy little thingy maaajiggy

And its a teeny bit warmer than the last time I blogged, so lets celebrate Spring...soon...yayyyyy

It been a mixed bag of stuff

Firstly, and I am soooo proud. My blog got a big fat mention in a national magazine called Prediction...soooo excited...10000 hits a day???......not yet but soon haha!

Last week I helped out at the Look Good Feel Better Charity. You can read more about their work here.
It was a beautiful day, with truly brave women, who have been through so much, and really are now embracing life. I helped to teach them how to use their skincare/make up, and they looked so gorgeous, and radiant afterwards. It was so uplifting for me. A few weeks back I was diagnosed with mild dyskaryosis in the cervix...nothing serious obviously, but it does take your breathe away when you get the letter, especially as I have always had normal smears. Im having treatment tomorrow, and am so grateful that it was detected early.

I will be helping out at the charity for a couple of hours each month...honoured to put my 20 years experience to such good use, and feel like Im giving something back for my blessings. If you know of anyone who can help out, they are always looking for volunteers

I would like to share some lovely quotes that I found on pinterest, 

and also some of my latest (although it seems like ageees since I touched anything arty) journal pages. Thank you for visiting. Namaste, Alohaaaaa..Peace Out

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