Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Friday, 28 December 2012


Yes this cat mad lady has been tempted again and added Biba- kins to her home/family

It was all very quick. I saw an advert in Gumtree yesterday for Bengal Mix kittens. I called, the lady said she had some left so off we drove to West London. We have been putting it off because we really didnt want to upset Gizzi, but we figured he would be quite happy with a little girlie.

We were greeted by a very puffed out, pregnant lady, who informed us that she had been so busy with enquires, and visits. She took us into the tiny and white kittens....what???????? 

“ But you said you had Bengal Mixes?”

“They have all gone, but I have 1 pure Bengal female left”, and she lifted up a little basket lid, and put came this beautiful, stripey girl.

“Awaaaaaa she is just gorgeous” I coooed!!

“Well I would normally want a lot more for her, but as you can see, I am about to give birth, so want rid of all the kittens. She is the last can take her for the price we agreed for the Bengal mixes”!!! What a result. So we got her for literally a third of the price she was meant to be!!!

She showed us the papers for the mother, and father, which we copied, and off we went.

And she is just gorgeous. We toyed with Sassy, Bibi, and then decided on Biba, which means sweet little girl in Punjabi. She is just soooooo affectionate and very chilled. Yes she did the normal thing of hiding every time we walked into the bathroom last night (have to keep them in one room for a bit), but then would come for cuddles, and strokes. This morning she made her way onto the bed, and of course fell in love with Cloud Bed, and enjoyed cuddles time with Mem........and she will spend a lot of time on there getting Mummy cuddles!!!

GIzzi hasn't been to bad...the usual hissing, and then running away, but today he has been a bit better, even coaxing her to play, but she is a little scared of the big furry lump

We took her to the Vet this morning, and she is in excellent health.

Mem and I just adore cats. They are all so different, and with such wonderful personalities. Biba is already loving playing with water, and is very chatty,  true Bengal traits, and has gorgeous markings.

So if you follow me on FB, be prepared for loads of kitty updates....


  1. Thank you ....She is such a xx