Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Paralympics 2012 London

Ohhhhhhhhhh I am so so, so, so proud to be a Londoner.

How cool has the Olympics, and the Paralympics been?

Yes I was one of the old farts that was waiting for the transport system to fall apart, the roads to be grid locked, and for all of us to have a good old “we told you so” moan.

But no, no ,no.

DH and I ventured into the park last night. He had been already. No we didnt apply for tickets because we were not interested!!!!! Biiiiiiig regret. 
Ofter seeing the Opening Ceremony, and the first few days we were desperados!!!! So he got a basketball ticket for the Olympic, courtesy of our dear friend Seher Parnell’s hubby, Geoff Parnell. He gushed, and gushed when he came home, so I had to go. After deterring him from paying £420 each, for the 100m final with Bolty Bolt. I got tickets to the Paralympics, for £30 each, and oh what fun we had.

Entering the Park you feel the joy straight away. A very positive energy. And although there are thousands of people, you dont feel overwhelmed at all. And everyone was soooooooo friendly. Big hands up for the volunteers. They are just (my fav word) cheerful even at 11pm!!!!! And they told DH he should be one too, because he was quite jolly at that time too!!!
Everything has been perfect, and last night was just perfect

On the way home we met a lovely man at Canada Water Station, who was in charge of making sure the London Olympics was ‘green’. He told us that it was the greenest Olympics ever. The land that the venue was built on was full of very dirty soil, but rather that take it to land fill, they washed it, and reused!!! I know, right, and saved 60 million spondoolicks. And they had got all the Athletes to sign a pact to be more greener. The build also came in under budget. He said loads more interesting stuff, but thats all I can remember LOL. 

The World is now looking to London, to see how its done

So enjoy the pics, and be proud if you were involved in did good

huge queue for McD’s!!!

no queues for the ladies!!!

Soft cushiony floor, so kind to the feet


  1. Thanks for this peek into the Paralympics! Quite the eye were your words. Big hugs to you for sharing!

  2. Hey Guys thank you...glad you enjoyed it xxx