Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Full Moon Mood

Well hasn't this recent Full Moon been a powerful one? My moods have been relatively ok, but around me...gosh...madness. People are just sooooo sensitive. And my appetite has been crazy....craving Cream Soda...I haven't drunk it for years, and I don't drink fizzy drinks. I was like a right old addict yesterday in Sainsburys. I brought a six pack, stuck it in the fridge as soon as I got home, because it had to be cold, cold, cold. After about an hour, down the hatchet it went, and it was eyes were rolling and everything!!!! And carbs...well I am overloading big time, but no bloatedness!!!. Then I sat here all day Saturday with a layout for some scrap booking, and just stared at it all day. Nope still not finished!!
Aaaanyways let me tell you a funny story. So about 4 weeks ago I had a smear, and it came back abnormal. I had it before about 20 years ago, so this was slightly worrying, espech as I was told to go to hospital to have a further investigation. So the day came, and as Im going on holiday in a couple of weeks, nothing was particularly tidy, if you catch my drift. So I get there, and the nurse tells me to undress waist downwards, and wait in a little dressing room, until the examiner is ready. While I was waiting, Mems’ best friends Sis in Law, Aine, waves at me through the tiny window. I have known her since she was about 6, and I had completely forgotten that she worked there. Shortly after, the nurse came to me and took me into the examining room. Yes, you guessed it, Aine was my examiner...LOOOOOOOL. Mortified it just an understatement!!!!!! I have never been so embarrassed, and started giggling, and so did she.
“ Are you going to examine me?”
“Do you want someone else/”
“Err yes please”
OMG, so she kindly asked her colleague to take over!!!! And I had gone completely RED. I know once you’ve seen one , you’ve seen them all, but we socialize, and I would never be able to look at her again without cracking up!!! So to all my friends, who used to come to the Salon for an intimate wax, and didnt want me to do it...sorry....big time........I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND WHY NOW!!!!!!!!
And all was ok with the examination, and my cells are normal...phewwyyyyyyyy
So on to my artistic skills, which came back yesterday. 
Here is my journaling page, I did today. Adore Rose essential oil, so that was my inspiration.

This week I received an order of some canvas paper. I was a bit disappointed because t was so thin, and flimsy, but I had ordered 3 packs...poops. So I decided to gesso them, in patches,and spray them, and I just adore the effect. Different shades of colour, from one spray. You can see where the gesso is causing a 'resist'. So I have been playing.

I hope the Full Moon has been kind to you, and if it hasn't, try Cream Soda!!!!!!!

Namaste Loved Ones xxx


  1. Looks like you have been having fun with all that mist and gesso. LOVE your rose page!