Rooby Whishes

Rooby Whishes

Sunday, 18 September 2011

waiting to exhale......

gosh two blogs in one day......

I had the most incredible week..busy, and just unforgettable...And I so want to share every detail, so grab yourself a tea, and a yummy biscuit, this is a long one
It started on night of Wednesday 7th of this month, when Kirsty Wiseman came to stay with me. She was down in London for her first QVC appearance, and was staying at Comfy Castle over night. I really enjoy spending time with her. She has such a pure soul, and is the most perfect house guest. We had dinner, then kicked DH out, and chilled on the sofa in our jammies watching the show, which I had recorded for her. She is just such a pro, and so talented. 
The next day we both had a well deserved lay in, and then decided to head out. I showed her the aftermath of the riots in Croydon, and she was really saddened. I suppose it very different from seeing it on TV. We nipped into TK Maxx, and stroked some lovely packaged products. We then headed into Hobbycraft which is next door, and obvs, it would have been so rude not to!!! We decided to buy a 100cmx100cm blank canvas each........oh the fun we had trying to get them into my car!!
That evening Lools (KW’s nickname) cooked DH and I a delish dinner.She then headed off. I really needed to chill, because of what was coming up the next day, and having her around was just wonderful. And she left yet more creative sprinkle in my home.
On Friday DH and I headed off to High Barnet, to an open day at the Inter country Adoption Agency. For those of you who don't know, we had 3 sessions of IVF, all of which were unsuccessful. The impact of the the medication, and the disappointment was absolutely soul destroying for me, to the point were I really didn't want to exist on the Earth plane anymore. My heart had never known such heartache, and even now I am recovering physically, because I manifested Psoriasis, which affects about 60% of my body. 
And yet I am now so grateful for what this experience gave me, because I really wouldn’t be who I am right now. I now see it as an initiation, to set me on the right path.

So DH and I have decided that we were not going through IVF again. We so want the joy, love and laughter of children in our lives.
We really enjoyed the Open Day. It was so informative. Over 45000 are adopted in the World every year, and 1 child under the age of 5 dies every 90 seconds because of some form of neglect. My heart just aches. The day also brought a lot of comfort, in the fact that we will get a lot of support from the agency. I always doubted whether I could love an adopted child as much as my own, but talking to adoptive parents, I see that this is never the case. 
So we have decided to adopt from Pakistan, and have started the proceedings. We may have a baby by this time next year...gosh I just had to stop typing because that so overwhelmed me, my heart feels like it has expanded so much, and tears of joy are rolling down my face. 
On Saturday I met up with my girls, Shireen, Farhat, Leslie and Louise, for our version of Come Dine With Me. I adore these evenings because I have known all of these girls a long time, and darling Shireen is my oldest, and longest friend. I was 16, and she was 14. We met at a local tennis club, and we were both going to play professional tennis at Wimbledon one day!! And boy, have we had some crazy fun times together over the years. Some of my most happiest, and joyous times have been with Shireen. She is very very dear to me. 
This evening was particularly special because my dear friends are all in such great places in their lives right now. The air was filled with Angelic light, and love, and we feasted, and laughed. All the girls looked so beautiful......pure bliss
Phew..are you all still with me..grab another cuppa!!!!
On Sunday.....wahhhhhhh...ahem sorry..I, Rubina Latif, or Rubi-One-Conobi-One, as Stewart Pearce likes to call me, helped to facilitate on the Alchemy of Voice
I did the session of 8 classes earlier this year, and they truly changed my life. 
The Alchemy of Voice is all about finding your true Hearts Note, so that you speak with Love from within. We all have out own ‘note’, and when we use it. we speak our truth.  Sounds are so powerful, and our ancestors used sound to heal, and bring forth peace and harmony. 
Stewart and I met last year, at a talk about London. He invited me to an Enchanting Chanting evening. We chanted through our chakras. It was very powerful for me, amd I shifted a whole heap of shite that more ways than one!!!! So I decided to do the Alchemy of Voice, because I felt I was ‘stuck’ in my spiritual development. I had some life changing experiences, and I will write about those another times. I now know how to love, and realise that I have an abundant supply of life's most important riches, and no one can take that from me.
And I ADORE Stewie. He reminds me of Gandalph The White, and I know we have a very strong past life connection. He is like a brother to me, and we laugh together so much. I have so many dreams of him and I just laughing, and laughing. So when he asked my to help him on the set of classes I was just so honored..I sat at the computer crying joyous tears. 
Monday was a day where I just grinned all day!!!!!
On Tuesday I met with my darling friend Nick, and we went for lunch to Wimbledon Village. He showed me around his beautiful home, which he is renovating, and it is stunning...he has such cool taste, and a real eye for stylish interiors. He drove us in his drop top Merc to Light Cafe, and we sat, and laughed, and ate. There is something about Wimbledon. I never felt it before, but it just feels so pure and peaceful. I would love to live day!!
So now on to Wednesday night, and DH and I in bed. I will never ever forget this night, because in one sentence  about adopting, we spoke volumes to each other and found our true life's purpose together. It was just wondrous, and enthralling and the feeling, still with me, is sublime,and I finally EXHALED.

I KNOW why I am here. To love, and to be loved..thats it..there is nothing else. Yes life will bring up more challenges, but they will only help me to grow..there is no more fear. I wish I had the words to describe this...this that is going on inside, but unless you are me, or unless you are here too, I cannot write about it. I have never known such peace, and happiness, and love. I have met some true Earth Angels, and waved goodbye..with some very draining souls. I still have some very hard challenges to go through, but I just don't feel ‘stressed’ anymore. I give all challenges to Divine, and my Angels, and they guide me, and I accept it whole heartedly.
This also leads me to answer why my blog is called Rooby Whishes..I want EVERONE here on Earth, so reach this feeling of Love and Peace..its not about my Wishes..its about you, and you, and you
Much Light Love, peace out..and most of all thank you, for reading, from my heart to your heart.


  1. I woke up from nightmare so disturbing I left the bedroom to clear my head. I sat down, as usual during my early morning sleep disruptions to check FB. I hadn't had any of your posts come thru, so I went to your page. I discovered this blog. I def can go back to sleep now. I feel warmed and secure. Such a myriad of thoughts race thru my mind for you and about you. It would take me an entire blog to say them. So, what I will say is: I am so happy for you. I wish you all the best. I am proud of you for taking the steps that have led you to this happiness and contentment. Bravo for all your good work and Bravo for the courage to take the steps on the path you now walk. I am privileged to know you and call you friend. Debs*

  2. We come from very different points to this but your words have stirred me so much since we "met". I am so glad that you are in this place and that you appreciate how you came to be here. I love that you share your love and your spirit. I wish I could share my fertility with you and in spirit, I do. Much love xx

  3. Debs, Lisa darlings, thank you for these beautiful wordsxxx